Aktif Bank Annual Report Ranks 2nd Best in the World..

Aktif Bank 2010 Annual Report Ranked 2nd Best in the World at “2010 Annual Report Vision Awards”restigious public relations firms of the world.

Aktif Bank 2010 Annual Report Ranked 2nd Best in the World at “2010 Annual Report Vision Awards” competition organized every year in international platforms by “League of American Communication Professionals, one of the most prestigious public relations firms of the world. 

Vision Awards is a competition organized every year by LACP, an entity established with an eye to sharing best practies in public relations sector with professionals, wherein annual reports of leading enterprises from different sectors throughout the world are discussed, and received over 5.000 applications from over 25 countries for the year 2010.  Aktif Bank annual report registered a prominent success taking 97 points over 100 as a result of the jury discussions. The Bank’s 2009 Annual Report had also won 3 awards from LACP in the 2009/10 season of the same competition.

The Annual Report received huge appreciation from the jury thanks to its modern design, clear messages, letter of shareholders, report financials and wording.

Christine Kennedy, LACP Competition Director, said: “We consider that getting 97 points over 100 is an extraordinary achievement for Aktif Bank’s 2010 Annual Report in view of heavy competition waged by over 5.000 applications. Not only the first impression created by Aktif Bank’s annual report is great, but also such elements as cover and letter of shareholders are very successful. The report is supported with a robust financial activities chapter which we find to be very impressive. Aktif Bank Annual Report is supported by a clean-cut and lean style of expression in getting highlights of this year accross to readers, and degree of creativity used is just wonderful. We must also point out that readers are able to get any information they are searching for in the report and this is impressive, as well. In a nut-shell, We congratulate everybody who contributed to this year’s annual report.”