AktifBank continues to be the pioneer for the Fintech ecosystem.

​AktifBank continues to be the pioneer for the Fintech ecosystem. Mindvest, Aktif Ventures venture capital fund, made its first investment in B2Metric.

'Aktif Ventures' venture capital fund Mindvest, a recently launched subsidiary of Aktif Bank made its first investment. Thanks to such investment, B2Metric, which offers data management by means of artificial intelligence-based technologies, will plan to expand to 5 new countries. 

Having been incorporated in early in 2022 by Aktif Bank, which stands out with its innovative business models and is well-known for its leading position in the field of financial technologies, Aktif Ventures now started its investments. By means of Mindvest, which has launched forth with the target to become the high-end venture capital fund in Turkey, Aktif Ventures invests in early-stage ventures.  Aspiring after growing together with the ventures that support innovative, sustainable, creative financial technology ideas, not only in Turkey but also in Europe, Aktif Ventures initially made an investment in B2Metric, which offers artificial-intelligence based technologies, by Mindvest.

Sezer: "Accurate management of data is a vital requirement"

Making an informative statement, Yakup Sezer, the CEO of Aktif Ventures, said; "B2Metric, which enables the companies to interpret the data accurately and draw up consistent estimates for the future by means of its artificial intelligence-based technologies made various achievements in a short time with a great founding team. At the present where the significance of data management hikes up more and more, we, as Mindvest, too, literally care about this topic.  Accurate management of data has now become a requirement for all companies, irrespective of the scale and industry, at the present. Growing expeditiously with its vision to become a global data analytics company, B2Metric is capable of providing service to all such companies, thanks to its solutions. We are very excited to stand by B2Metric during its journey for growth, both domestically and internationally, and we will provide them with support throughout such course with all capabilities we have. I believe wholeheartedly that this will be partnership to create value for both sides."

Mr. Sezer also remarked that they, as Aktif Ventures, are primarily aspired after; "not only providing the ventures, which deliver solutions that make life easier, with growth and investment consulting by supporting their innovative, sustainable and creative financial technology ideas along with Mindvest, but also providing support also for the technology, infrastructure and licensing processes as required by the ventures by launching all of their APIs under the service model banking, on the other hand".

Hacioglu: "Thanks to the investment by Mindvest, we will set sail for 5 new countries" 

Indicating that by means of the artificial intelligence-based analytic systems they have developed, they, as B2Metric automate the processes of companies at any scale for deriving insight from data, Murat Hacioglu, one of the founders of B2Metric, said; "We, as B2Metric, offer predictive customer data analytics service whereby even the non-technical teams can manage the machine learning models and optimize their marketing budgets. Since 2019 and up to the present, we built our automated machine learning-based analytics systems for more than 30 companies in 8 industries, including the financial sector, in Turkey. Coupled with the strength from the investment by Mindvest, we will plan to expand to 5 new countries and turn B2Metric into a globally leading artificial intelligence-based customer data analytics and growth platform".