Aktif Bank Grows Together With Turkey

​Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, increased the size of assets by 29 percent.  Serdar Sumer, the CEO of the Bank, stated; "In 2019, we became one of the Banks with the highest growth rate in Turkey, nevertheless, what makes us to feel proud the most is the achievement for such growth by providing added value for the Turkish economy and supporting the employment."

Having introduced the industry with divergent business models to date, Aktif Bank ranked among the major supporters of our exporters, doing business in such countries, thanks to the operations it has carried out in 70 different countries as focused on challenging geographies, in particular the Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the CIS Countries, in 2019.

The Bank, which particularly makes efforts to promote the trade between Turkey and Africa, offers its services oriented at the exporters through a thousand different banks in 128 countries, accordingly. 

Serdar Sumer, the CEO of Aktif Bank, remarked that they seek to increase the export transaction volume, intended solely to the African continent, to one billion dollars at the end of 2020. Mr. Sumer said; "We, as Aktif Bank, do not enter into any business where we are not ambitious, however, we, first and above all, discuss in detail how we would provide added value for the economy of our country, if and when we choose to focus on a specific domain. Accordingly, we elegantly understand the significance of standing by our exporters at the challenging geographies for our country, and we care about diversifying our efforts at such domain."

Aktif Bank is one of the investment banks that are mindful about the significance of the renewable energy for the future of Turkey.   The Bank has allocated cash and non-cash loans, amounting to a total of 200 million dollars, for 38 projects with a size of 240 Mw for the solar, hydroelectric and wind power, the majority of which consists of solar. The Bank is getting ready for new investments in such field in 2020.

The CEO of Aktif Bank continued his statement as follows; "We have a business model with no precedent in the industry. While the banks around the world generally allocate approximately 15 percent of their investments to the technology, we have an investment share at about 20-25 percent. We make use of our resources optimally and enhance our productivity by means of the investment banking model, reinterpreted together with our subsidiaries and business partners.  We feel proud of generating employment at more than 10 business lines, we serve as the largest financial technologies ecosystem of Turkey."

Mr. Sumer also remarked; "Thanks to the uninterrupted service we offer by means of our digital and physical channels, our diversified distribution networks and subsidiaries, we accomplished to increase the number of our customers, which was 8 million in 2018, to 10 million in 2019. We manage to contact our customers any moment of the day, and we are capable of offering an experience that satisfies all of their financial needs."

Indicating that he can express conveniently that the Bank has experienced the best-performing year of its history in the wake of all such operations, Mr. Sumer said; "Our financial achievements show up as the natural consequence resulting from our right positioning in the industry as well as the best efforts we have made for our country."

As based on the financial results reported by Aktif Bank, the size of assets of the Bank has reached to 18 billion TRY by increasing 29 percent, and the Bank's return on equity was reported as 20 percent. The net profit for 2019 reached to 342 million TRY with an increase by 30 percent.  The amount of the total loans extended by Aktif Bank upsurged 8 billion TRY.