Aktif Bank Has Been The Only Turkish Bank Returning From Efma With An Award

​​​Aktif Bank, which is talked about its innovations in the Banking Sector and which defines its business model as "New Generation Banking".

Aktif Bank, which is talked about its innovations in the Banking Sector and which defines its business model as "New Generation Banking", received another award in Europe. EFMA, one of the most important institutions of European Union finance and banking sector, ranked the Bank's new project "Aktif Nokta Project" first. Aktif Bank which left the giants of the world behind in this major organization was elected as the "World’s Most Innovative Bank" ahead of its competitors such as HSBC, Barclays, Lombart in the Financial World Innovation Awards.

The leading name of the new generation banking, Aktif Bank ranked as the first in "Physical Distribution" category of EFMA(European Financial Management & Marketing Association) awards with its Aktif Nokta Project developed for the small enterprises and widely spread in Turkey in a very short period of time.

Alior Bank, Citi Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo and Jyske Bank were among the competitors of Aktif Bank in the short list, which wasawarded by leaving the major and successful banks of not only Turkey but also the world behind. Aktif Bank, the only bank from Turkey which was awarded in this significant organization of the European Union where many banks from Turkey also applied, added one more valuable award to its tens of international awards given by the most prestigious institutions of the world.

Dr. Önder Halisdemir, CEO of Aktif Bank, who received the award on behalf of Aktif Bank during the ceremony organized at Paris Le Meurice Hotel on October 16th, Wednesday, stated that they are very happy that the services presented in order to facilitate the lives of their customers  being parallel to their innovative point of view since the first day they started, did not only resulted in successful financial results but also in the most prestigious awards in the international arena, and said; "Aktif Bank became the name of innovation and dynamism in the sector. As a domestic bank, Aktif Bank has been a business development platform where the young generation of our country is developing business. We are developing products, services and channels which do not follow but which create trends. Our work awarded this time is a work which we developed for the shop keeper Uncle Mürsel. I shall tell its story afterwards. An important facility and support for the small scale enterprises. The idea of contribution to our county and the world lies behind all our innovations. Aktif Nokta project was also born as a result of this point of view and based on shop-in-shop concept, and brings together the customers and a very wide range of products from invoice collection to the insurance, from GSM TL load to catalogue product sale at many points in the country, when and where there is a need. This platform also is a TÜBİTAK-supported innovation. This way, a R&D support was realized. It had already reached 1250 points, performs about 400 thousand transactions monthly and was awarded globally. These awards we received today as a result of the long hours of work with determination, belief and dedication encourage us to make better ones. We are not participating in the competitions which elect the best of Turkey. We know what we do and we are competing in the important organizations with jury on the global arena. We are innovative intravenously. Otherwise, such successful results and international awards could not be achieved. I believe Aktif Bank is the institution which brought many international awards to the country  in the last three years. A Turkish bank  collects all the awards from distribution channels to payment systems, from communications to infrastructure, to investment products, in all competitions it participates and makes the name of our country. This year we also took our place as a case study in an important marketing book published in America. We are very happy when such awards are accompanied by successful financial results."

Patrick Desmarès, General Secretary of EFMA, emphasized in his statement related to the award that Aktif Nokta project sets an impressive example to the innovative projects. Desmarès, referred to the significance of the innovations in the field of banking and said; "The most impressive projects are seen in the rapidly developing and leading countries in the East Europe and Asia. Turkey is one of these countries. Aktif Nokta Project of Aktif Bank standing out among the rooted large banks is the best example to this."


The awards given by European Financial Management & Marketing Association (EFMA), which was established in 1971 and which conducted joint activities with the leading institutions of the whole world in order to develop and support innovation in the fields of retail services, is accepted to be one of the most prestigious awards of the finance world. The institutions which want to participate in the competition, apply with their projects making a difference in the retail financial services sector and acquired as a role model with their innovative structure. The projects making to the finals as a result of EFMA jury evaluations are awarded as a result of the online voting realized by EFMA members. Other Turkish Banks representing our country in the competition this year were Akbank, Finansbank, DenizBank and Türk Ekonomi Bankası.


With its shop-in-shop concept, Aktif Nokta is a platform which facilitates the lives of the customers and provides time saving, where many products from sphygmomanometer to vacuum cleaners, from iron to toys can be purchased, where many transactions from insurance transactions to city and transport card filling, from bus and airplane tickets to payment of electricity, water, natural gas, telephone invoices and and even top-up mobile phones securely. Aktif Nokta does not only provide the customers access to the services they need but also offers a new earning opportunity which shall provide more income and more customers for the enterprise. You can access more information with respect to Aktif Nokta overwww.aktifnokta.com.tr.