Aktif Asset Management, as subsidiary of Aktif Bank, held Mindvest AddVenture 2023

The entrepreneurship ecosystem came together in the said event

Aktif Asset Management, a portfolio management company which is fast growing with the new general investment funds and is a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, brought the entrepreneurship ecosystem together in the event, Mindvest Addventure 2023.

Aktif Asset Management, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank and doing business as the most comprehensive financial technologies ecosystem in our country, held an event under the leadership of the venture capital fund, namely Mindvest. During the event, namely Mindvest AddVenture 2023, not only the latest trends in the entrepreneurship ecosystem were discussed, but also the founders of the innovative start-ups told their thrilling entrepreneurship stories. Yasin Atikler, the CEO of Aktif Asset Management, and Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank, made the opening speeches for such exclusive meeting where inspiring updates were shared.

Adaca: "We will witness many more flourishing entrepreneurship stories in the forthcoming years"
Remarking that they have been continuously expanding their support to the ecosystem by investing in start-ups, Adaca said; "We are steering the structure of the fintech ecosystem that functions in the most integrated manner thanks to our leading subsidiaries, specialized in wide array of fields. We are turning the İnclusion of our ecosystem into an advantage in the service models of all of our subsidiaries together with our digital product and service channels, and we are amplifying it as the most profitable and effective operation in the industry, in the aggregate. On one hand we are working together with the start-ups and devising projects together with them. On the other hand, we are continuing to invest in the early-stage ventures by means of Mindvest under the umbrella of Aktif Assessment Management, while we are offering our service banking services to fintechs by means of Aktif Ventures.
 We are more than glad to accompany start-ups during their adventurous journey, and I hope that we will, all together, witness many success stories in the upcoming years."

Atikler: "I feel delighted to be together with the entrepreneurship ecosystem"
Highlighting that they have been supporting start-ups in their journey for growth by investing in them by means of Mindvest, Yasin Atikler, the CEO of Aktif Asset Management, said; "I feel delighted to be together with the entrepreneurship ecosystem thanks to the AddVenture 2023 meeting, held by us under the leadership of Mindvest, the Venture Capital Investment Fund we, as Aktif Asset Management, have founded.  I would like to express thanks to all participants of this event whereby we will discuss thrilling topics such as the requirements of ventures during the growth stages as well as the factors in the scaling up of a venture".