Aktif Bank invests in innovation developments

Aktif Bank ve Sistem Global Danismanlik aims to drive 20 thousand SMEs on autobahn

Founded jointly with Sistem Global Danismanlik and named after the combination of the words "Innovation" and "autobahn", Inovaban will offer professional strategic development consulting services to companies of all sizes, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs. Emphasizing that Inovaban will turn the though roads, taken by the companies, to autobahns and facilitate their lives, Dr. Serdar Sumer, CEO of Aktif Bank, said: "Figures show that only one out of every 10 new enterprises can make it. Inovaban will offer consulting supports to help companies to increase their success rates, make their enterprises survive, and develop their commercialization and globalization processes." Huseyin Karslioglu, Co-Founder of Sistem Global Danismanlik, said: "Inovaban will serve to the vision of producing economy to take a step into R&D, design, innovation, value-added production and global markets, and eventually, create a value."

Contributing to the development of innovation ecosystem across Turkey, Aktif Bank founded Inovaban jointly with Sistem Global Danismanlik to prevent the obstacles causing failures in business life, and to provide professional support to organizations. Inovaban will analyze the business needs and strategies of the organizations of all sizes, cherishing R&D and innovation, especially entrepreneur SMEs, and map out the routes leading to their growth.  It will provide consulting services in access to accurate finance opportunities, proper utilization of state subsidies and supports, financial and technical management of projects and enterprises by companies, as well as patent registration and valuation, legal counseling, M&A process management, and determination of market strategies.


Stating that Aktif Bank, leader of the new-generation banking, supports development of innovation ecosystem across Turkey with its investments, Dr. Serdar Sumer, CEO of Aktif Bank, said: "Many initiative, realized with great expectations and objectives in Turkey, cannot achieve the desired level of success due to insufficient information and misdirection.

The researched reveal that only 1 out of every 10 enterprises can make it."  Underlining that they founded Inovaban to satisfy the consulting and financial support need in this field, Mr. Sumer stated: "We aim to reach approximately 20 thousand SME in five years."


Pointing out that Inovaban will facilitate the challenging routes, taken by entrepreneurs, with the solutions they will offer for all kinds of unfavorable conditions, Dr. Serdar Sumer uttered: "We will offer an innovative solution for the finance need of the industry with our R&D Finance product We will continue to introduce new value-added financial products with Inovaban." Saying that R&D Finance has been designed to facilitate the need for letter of guarantee sought by the institutions for the advance payments to be granted for TUBITAK-TEYDEB supported entrepreneurship projects, Mr. Sumer continued his words: "Most of the financial institutions seek encumbrance from the entrepreneurs. This inconveniences the lives of entrepreneurs who have a cash flow problem at the initial phases of the projects. With our product R&D Finance, we will consider the project itself as a guarantee, and grant cash loan up to the amount of the letter of guarantee and advance amount without seeking for any additional monetary guarantee. We will, thereby, ensure that the young entrepreneurs and SMEs access the finance opportunities more easily.  All organizations and entrepreneurs, providing a contribution to economy, are highly important for us, as Aktif Bank. Thanks to Inovaban, we will set off on a professional journey with them, and provide support to enable them to achieve success, and maintain their operations under challenging competitive environment."


Stating that many important developments took place in the recent years in support of R&D, technology, design-oriented projects and investments through incentives and grant schemes, Huseyin Karslioglu, Co-Founder of Sistem Global Danismanlik, said: "We anticipate that these supports will continue increasingly by the public. We will provide active consulting services with a focus to the mission of more proper and effective utilization of public supports, granted for commercialization and globalization of projects." Underlining that R&D and Design Centers, which are becoming more and more popular thanks to the support provided by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, have started to transform the industry of Turkey, Mr. Karslioglu said: "The will of the government to support R&D and Design Centers boosts the will of real sector companies, technology and R&D companies to generate common and integrated solutions.  We founded Inovaban to satisfy the need in this field."


Dr. Kazim Acatay, General Manager of Inovaban, said: "Under the vision of our government set for 2023, it is aimed to allocate 3 percent of the gross national product for R&D expenditures.

70 percent of these expenditures is expected to be made by the private sector. Companies need a reliable consultant to offer them proper guidance and an integrated approach on their routes to achieve these objectives and utilize the allocated source in the most efficient manner. Inovaban was founded to satisfy this need. While companies channel their attention to technical affairs, Inovaban will turn this challenging route to an autobahn full of integrated solutions."