Aktif Bank just released the EkoLig Report for

Aktif Bank just released the EkoLig Report for 

Football Season 2021 - 2022:

Super League returns to pre-pandemic normal

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, released the seventh issue of EkoLig - Football Economy Report in which the revenues and economic outlook of Turkish Football are analyzed. Having increased the matchday revenues approximately to 600 million TRY, the Super League clubs now started to wash away the pandemic upon the increase at attendance

Providing substantial contributions to the Turkish sports community with not only its financial support but also its fund of knowledge, Aktif Bank held a press conference on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 hosted by Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank, and Atil Aykar, General Manager of E-Kent, to publicize the latest issue of EkoLig, the most extensive, the first and the only football economy report in Turkey which has been shared with the sports community since 2016 by Aktif Bank. According to the report that depicts the football economy both in the world and in Turkey, Super League clubs have increased the matchday revenues approximately to 600 million TRY. While the stands were sold out upon the removal of the restrictions, Super League started to wash away the pandemic. 

Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank, said; "While the five top-ranking leagues in the Europe lead the football economy, Super League now recovers from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, speedily. Our Super League clubs achieved to increase their matchday revenues to approximately 600 million TRY with a rise by 10 percent as compared to the season 2019-2020. The rise of the Super League is substantiated in particular by the return of the fans to the stadiums and also by the increase of attendance to approximately 13 thousand per match".

Atil Aykar, the General Manager of E-Kent, said; "The major portion of the European football economy with a value over 30 billion Euros consists of the UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany which we portray as the five major leagues. The representatives from such leagues, which dominate the UEFA Champions League as well, continue to grow along with the Big League. In the EkoLig Football Economy Report, drawn up by us, we as Aktif Bank took a picture of the new format, planned to be put into practice in the Champions League, and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and the brand values of the five major leagues in Europe and of course, the Turkish football. We hope this report will be a valuable reference for all stakeholders of Turkish football."

The revenues of the four big teams increased by 117 percent

According to the information provided in the EkoLig report, the four big teams achieved to increase their revenues, derived from the sale of licensed products, franchise, sponsorship, advertisements and competition, season passes, boxes, by 117 percent during the season 2021-22, as compared to the season 2020-21. Having generated revenues, amounting to 1 billion 272 million 474 thousand TRY in season 2020-21, Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor managed to deposit an income, amounting to 2 billion 759 million 341 thousand TRY, into the vault during season 2021-22.

Trabzon became the champion not only on the pitch but also at the tribunes

Becoming the title winner for the season 2021-22, Trabzonspor lifted the trophy together with its fans. Having reached to an attendance of 70 percent with 28 thousand 778 fans per match, the claret red and blue jersey wearers hosted 546 thousand football lovers in Akyazi, during the season. In respect of average attendance, Fenerbahce ranked the second by reporting an average of 24 thousand 772, and Galatasaray ranked the third (21 thousand 425) and Besiktas became the fourth (18 thousand 506). 

Fenerbahce ranks the top when it comes to broadcast revenue

Having ranked the third in respect of the broadcast revenues in the Super League during the seasons 2019-20 and 2020-21, Fenerbahce ranked the first with its revenues, amounting to 239.2 million TRY, during the 2021-22 season. Along with the bonus for the title, the yellow-navy blue jersey wearers, which have also added the performance revenues upon ending the league in the second rank, became the club that has derived the most funds in respect of the broadcast revenues. Putting an end to its longing for the title during the season 2021-22, Trabzonspor came in second in respect of the broadcast revenues. The claret red and blue jersey wearers accomplished to deposit 202 million TRY into the vault from the broadcast revenues for the last season, including the performance revenues, bonus for the title and the participation bonus.

Galatasary crowded the tribunes in the new season

The fans of Galatasaray did not leave their club alone during the season 2022-23 which is started to be played with 100 percent capacity after the pandemic. Having started the season with notable transfers, the yellow-red jersey wearers reached to an average attendance of 45 thousand 921 at the matches it played at home following the 14 weeks in the league. While Galatasaray is followed by Fenerbahce with an average attendance of 40 thousand 23 fans, Besiktas with its new coach ranked the third with an average attendance of 35 thousand 189. Trabzonspor, the defending champion, played its matches with an average attendance of 26 thousand 706.