Aktif Bank Launches N Kolay loan that provides fully digital customer experience

Aktif Bank, has added a new product to its retail banking spectrum and introduced N Kolay Loan, providing "fully digital customer experience", to the market.

N​ Kolay Loan provides the customers with the opportunity to utilize online general purpose loan in a fast and easy way.

Aiming to develop more solutions for more needs not by branching, but expanding its service network, Aktif Bank has added a new service to its service spectrum for different needs. Aktif Bank has launched N Kolay Loan which facilitates the loan extension process and enables the consumers to utilize general purpose loan in a fast and practical manner upon an online application for loan, to its customers.

Thanks to N Kolay Loan, the consumers will be able to utilize loan up to TRY 25 thousand with a maturity of 48 months through the website www.nkolaykredi.com, no matter where they are, without engaging in any procedures.

CEO of Aktif Bank Dr. Serdar Sumer noted: "We strive for providing exact solutions for more customer needs through the alternative distribution channels rather than branching. In this respect, we are focused on satisfying a wide range of needs through many subsidiaries and extensive service network, covering Turkey, of us. We are aiming to ensure fully digital customer experience by means of N Kolay Loan which we provide as Aktif Bank and consider to meet a significant need. Due to N Kolay Loan, our customers will be able to meet their individual loan needs in the fastest way without waiting and engaging in time-consuming procedures and signatures.