Aktif Bank opened a branch in BursaMay 2009

The representative of new generation banking, Aktif Bank continues to grow with its developed "Urban Banking

The representative of new generation banking, Aktif Bank continues to grow with its developed "Urban Banking" concept. Aktif Bank has opened in Bursa its second branch office to work with the "Urban Banking" concept, on May 28, 2009, following its Kayseri branch office. Opening its second branch office in Bursa, Aktif Bank shall be the bank of Bursa with its services and structure.

Aktif Bank, restructuring itself and its services with the account taken of the ever changing communication-information technologies and changing customer trends in today's world, continues to grow with "urban banking". Following its branch office opened in Kayseri on May 5, Aktif Bank will offer "urban banking" to the inhabitants of Bursa, one of the most important industrial and cultural centers of Turkey, with its first branch office in that city, that was opened on May 28, 2009.

New client preferences shaped by the new technologies are being transformed into accessing the service at the place of need without visiting the branch office physically. Aktif Bank defines itself as "Direct Bank" in this respect. Making all the investments in the information and communication technologies and high caliber manpower and not the branch offices, Aktif Bank eliminates the need to go to the branch offices by taking the high quality services to the worksites of the clients, the shopping centers and their homes.

Aktif Bank positions itself with only one branch office in the cities where it opens branch office so that it can meet only the compulsory needs of its commercial clients with the concept referred to as "urban banking". Thus, it provides the services which better understands its clients by organizing itself as to become the bank of only that city. As for the individual clients, it eliminates the burden of visiting the branch office physically thanks to its principle of providing the service in site at the place of need with its "Direct Banking" concept.

Stating that they would meet all the financial needs in the city by means of specially positioned products and services within the scope of the "Urban Banking, Dr. Onder Halisdemir, the General Manager of Aktif Bank held a speech on the occasion of opening of the branch office and said, “We came here to Bursa not to open our branch office but to become your bank. As Aktif Bank, we are not an Istanbul bank but we are a bank with its headquarters in Istanbul. We also would like to contribute to Bursa, one of the biggest 4 cities of Turkey, which blends numerous civilizations, history, natural beauties and development. We are also proud of serving Bursa, the most important industrial city in Turkey"