Aktif Bank opened its 6th branch in Düzce-September 2010

Aktif Bank, the representative of the new generation banking is expanding its business with its "City Banking" approach. With its 6th city bank opened in Düzce on 24th September 2010, Aktif Bank will be introducing new services in banking that will ease the life of the citizens of Düzce.

Aktif Bank, as the first and the only "Direct Bank" of Turkey is describing its 'City banking' approach by focusing on the developments in the technology and the tendency of the customers in order to continue its expansion. Aktif Bank that had become the fastest growing bank in the banking industry by increasing its assets by 10 times in the last 3 years; after its branches in Istanbul, Kayseri, Bursa, Gaziantep and Sakarya, opened its newest branch in Düzce and brought its 'City banking' services to the citizens of Düzce.

Aktif Bank with its "City Banking" model is aiming to improve quality of the daily life in addition to its contribution the economy with its banking services. And with its E-Kent subsidiary, Aktif Bank is planning to take an active role in the suburban life providing services on transportation, public transportation.

Aktif Bank's 'City banking approach opens only one branch in each city and embraces services that understands and answers the needs of its commercial customers.

Dr.Önder Halisdemir, the general manager of Aktif Bank, stated that they will continue expanding and bringing innovations in the banking industry and added "We are strengthening our city banking concept. And we now have brought our bank to Düzce. We are organized not to look from Istanbul to Düzce but from Düzce to the whole Turkey".

Dr.Önder Halisdemir, also mentioned the new products they developed based on the customer needs, and stated that it is a great pleasure to see that the UPT (Cheap Money Transfer) developed with PTT, the most widespread institution in Turkey, has now reached 100.000 transactions in a short period of time.