Aktif Bank opens up a new branch in Antalya

Aktif Bank, the largest investment bank in Turkey, puts its new branch at the disposal of the people of Antalya.

Maintaining its growth with its technology-oriented and innovative approach, Aktif Bank will provide its privileged products and services at its new branch in Antalya. ​

Providing service to more than 7 million clients in more than 10 lines of business via its well-established partnerships and subsidiaries, Aktif Bank opened up its new branch in Antalya. Aiming to provide service with its extensive product range and distinctive business manner, Aktif Bank met the invitees of Antalya in the branch opening organization. Dr. Serdar Sümer, CEO of Aktif Bank, also attended the meeting, and the leading economist Prof. Dr. Sadi Uzunoğlu was hosted and delivered a pleasant speech during which he addressed the current and future position of the Turkish economy.

Starting his speech expressing how delighted he was to have met the people of Antalya, Dr. Serdar Sümer, CEO of Aktif Bank, continues his words: "We, as Aktif Bank, make all our efforts with our innovative and entrepreneur spirit to enable our clients to access the financial products and services easily. We're excited to provide the people of Antalya with the opportunity to take advantage of our privileged and one-to-one services at this new branch in Antalya. I wish that our newly-opened branch, initiating its operations with a team of experts who follow up all innovations and market conditions closely, will be beneficial, besides the advantages, to be offered as an investment bank, for the favor of clients."