Aktif Bank Private Banking In İzmir

Aktif Bank- the most innovative investment bank of Turkey, has opened in İzmir its first branch to deliver exclusively private banking services.

​In order to celebrate the opening of the branch, which aims to make a difference with its  one to one service understanding, wide range of products, and all year earnings from Aktif Bono,  a special event has been held with Ahmet Sicimoğlu on the scene.

Aktif Bank, continuing to grow with its innovative service understanding, extended its exclusive services to İzmir. Aktif Bank, which opened its new branch in Alsancak, offers "private banking" services to İzmir residents.

Dr. Serdar Sümer- the Ceo of Aktif Bank and distinguished guests attended to the special party organized in the honor of launching Aktif Bank's İzmir branch. Ayhan Sicimoğlu enlivened the event with his performance on the scene.

First branch to deliver exclusively private banking services

Dr. Serdar Sümer- the Ceo of Aktif Bank,  stating the significance of being present  in İzmir, added the following :

"We offer private banking services across all our branches; yet our single branch to run exclusively private banking service has become the İzmir branch. This privilege, is an indicator of the significance we attach to İzmir. We are pleased to serve to our customers in İzmir with daily market analyses,  with pricing of a variety of financial products  by our expert team,  and the year long competitive earnings from Aktif Bono. We are glad of drawing a great deal of attention even though we recently started to operate in İzmir. Thanks to competitive earnings we provide throughout the year, and to our one to one service approach, our customers will enjoy the private banking privilege. As Aktif Bank, we will sustain our growth."