Aktif Bank stands as R and D Center in Banking Industry

Aktif Bank, Turkey's most innovative bank with a qualified R&D center and various innovative products, is certified as an "R&D Center" by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

​The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has recently approved the application filed by Aktif Bank Information Technologies and Operations Group, serving Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries with a solid workforce of 140, and announced certification of Aktif Bank as an R&D Center on August 11, 2016.

Recognized by 97 awards in many major international competitions during the last 6 years, Aktif Bank is engaged in numerous comprehensive R&D investments and projects for several affiliates including EKent, N Kolay Payment Institution, Sigortayeri, UPT and PAVO as well as a wide range of services in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Private Banking. Leveraging on the recent R&D certification, the Bank aims to allocate more resources and time to innovation studies to serve banking industry and increase the number of projects to be developed within the framework of industry-university collaboration.

"We place great emphasis on innovative projects that will transform both our way of business and the conventional methods in the industry in line with our innovative business model called New Generation Banking" said Serdar Sumer, CEO of Aktif Bank. "We strive to provide the best solution and a brand-new perspective for our clients rather than repeating what has been done before. Technology and innovation play a vital role in maintenance and promotion of this model with new ideas. Committed to this innovative approach, our Information Technologies Group generates tailor-made solutions for both our clients and the overall industry with an expert and experienced team of 140 people. In this respect, we are extremely happy to have finally obtained "R&D Center" certification after a very challenging assessment process. We are proud to be one of the two banks holding this certification. Upon this development, we feel that we now have an even bigger responsibility in R&D area. And we will continue to develop new products and services, directly addressing needs and creating added value for our clients and the national economy with increased investments in this field. I would like to thank our Information Technologies team for this great achievement, and Sistem Global Danismanlık A.S. for their consulting services in management of this process."