Aktif Bank's Annual Report 2015 Receives a Plethora of Awards from LACP

Aktif Bank's Annual Report for 2015, drawn up with an Origami-inspired concept, is recognized in 9 different categories at the international Vision Awards, an annual reports competition held by the LCAP annually.

​Aktif Bank's Annual Report for 2015 wins awards under 9 different categories at the LACP Vision Awards, an international competition of annual reports. Drawn up with an origami-inspired concept, the report has received Platinum Award under the "Banks" and "Financials" categories both for paper-based and digitally-based versions. The report has also received "Golden Award" for its cover design in both paper-based and digitally-based categories and ranked 11th worldwide and 7th in EMEA region, with a total score of 99 out of 100.

Aktif Bank's Annual Report for 2015 was designed with a concept inspired by Origami, the art of paper folding, from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper" in Japanese language. Besides the impressive imagery of origami figures nurtured by the rich cultural heritage of the Far East, the belief and thinking system it represents was the reason why this concept was chosen. Characterized by the creativity, simplicity and functionality at the core of practicality, Origami is associated with Aktif Bank's Next Generation Banking philosophy in that even the slightest move matters as it constitutes a part of the big picture, which symbolizes Aktif Bank's approach to create added value for all stakeholders with innovative business models focused on providing solutions to needs rather that repeating the same processes already in place with conventional methods.

"We aim to embed this banking approach we shaped with a focus on development of innovative and creative solutions in everything we do both internally and externally, and our annual report was designed with this purpose in mind" says Aktif Bank's CEO Dr. Serdar Sumer. "We have decided to use Origami concept for our annual report as it perfectly symbolizes our new approach "Next Generation Banking" which focuses on creating solutions for needs, and the positive feedback we received from our stakeholders made us really happy. Now, we are even happier to see that we are awarded for our report, which ranked 11th worldwide and 7th in EMEA region, with a total score of 99 out of 100 in an assessment made by a prestigious international organization like LACP . I would like to thank all my colleagues and our solution partners for their contributions to this report, and congratulate them on this very creative and innovative work." ​