Aktif Tech, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, commenced its operations

Aktif Tech, the new subsidiary of Aktif Bank that carries out business as the most comprehensive financial technologies ecosystem in Türkiye, initiated its operations in financial technologies, payment systems and ticketing systems software.

Having been incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aktif Bank, Aktif Tech carries out business as based on a mindset to introduce an innovative approach towards financial technologies, payment systems and ticketing systems software. Aktif Tech offers high added value software solutions and end-to-end operational services to holding companies and financial institutions at any size and in particular to the international payment institutions and e-money institutions as well as all entities that seek for ticketing software products. 

Ozgur Bilgin, the General Manager of Aktif Tech, which has launched out with the goal to share its experiences and technology globally, in particular in the Balkans, Africa, Turkic Republics and the CIS region, said; "We, as Aktif Tech which has been launched as a part of the comprehensive financial technologies ecosystem of Aktif Bank, are enabling full-function management of the products such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, POS, virtual POS and ATM for financial institutions, payment and e-money institutions by making use of our cost effective and web-based card software platform. In addition to the services such as operations, system monitoring, fraud monitoring, project development by means of current software technologies, we are aspiring after providing card payment software as SaaS and meeting one hundred percent customer satisfaction. We will continue to contribute to the advancement of the industry by enhancing our collaborations, both domestically and internationally, in the world of technology and payment systems in which we made a quick start thanks to our experienced staff of approximately 200 individuals".

Mr.Bilgin also added that; "Digitalization will accelerate further in the forthcoming period, and data usage will go up further in conjunction with artificial intelligence. Everyone in the organization needs not only to receive and analyze data accurately but also access the data accurately and make an accurate forecast. We are committed to making much of data by placing artificial intelligence and data analytics in the center of all of our projects, and thus, making it available to our customers as well. We entered in an era where the materiality of collaborations has increased further, and we will build up collaborations with the "best" ones at their own field for our products in which we are the "best" in our opinion. Thus, we aspire to meet 100 percent customer satisfaction while optimizing the processes of our customers, which are in need of technology, in terms of time and cost. We aim to make Türkiye a bigger regional base within the context of development of technology and provision of technology service." 

Aktif Bank held the press conference for the N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon, for which it acts as the title sponsor with N Kolay, its Digital Bank, both physically and at the Metaverse, on simultaneous basis in March 2022 in cooperation with IBB (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) Spor Istanbul. With its innovative Metaverse project, the Bank is now granted the "IMA Outstanding Achievement Award" in the "Financial Services" category, at the Interactive Media Awards (IMA), one of the most prestigious awards at the international platform for the digital world.