Aktif Ventures launches 'Apilion', the first banking as a service platform in Turkey

Aktif Ventures launches 'Apilion', the first banking as a service platform in Turkey

Aktif Ventures, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank which has started its operations recently, partners up Apilion, the first service banking platform in Turkey, with the financial technologies ecosystem.  Aspiring to make Apilion, which offers the service banking and licensing infrastructure as required by the fintechs, at a single platform, to become a global API marketplace, Aktif Ventures aspires after offering service in the Europe as well, in the upcoming period.

Having started its business with the mission to invest in fintechs, growth together with them and build end-to-end fintechs, Aktif Ventures launched Apilion, the first banking as a service platform in Turkey. Thanks to the fintech ecosystem, created by Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries; Aktif Ventures built up a brand-new API marketplace by pairing up a good deal of various licenses, as required by the ventures, in a single business concept. Thus, fintech ventures will be able to offer new products at higher quality and various verticals by means of the ecosystem they will have built by procuring the core banking, investment, payments, insurance and licensing infrastructure services, they require, from Aktif Ventures.

Adaca: "The developments at the regulations are revolutionary"

Depicting the developments at the field of service banking as revolutionary, Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank, began her statement as follows; "Upon the recent issuance of the service banking regulations by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency), we observe that great opportunities have arisen in terms of increasing the financial inclusion, promoting financial innovation and competition and spreading the financial services on the base along with the customer mass, on which the ventures would focus.

I present thanks to the BRSA, our regulatory body that has put into practice such regulations, for which I believe that it will make a breakthrough in our industry, for their vision.

"A great number of new Fintech stars will come out as based on our robust technological infrastructure"

Adaca finished her statement as follows; "We, as Aktif Bank, are an investment bank that has predicated its strategy currently on building up a financial technologies ecosystem and broken a good deal of new grounds. We accomplished to build up a very robust financial technology ecosystem, which is uncommon in the world, along with the products such as digital banking services, payment and e-money institutions, ticketing and automation solutions, insurance broking and event services, we offer on a wide range. By means of Apilion, the first banking as a service platform in our country and materialized by Aktif Ventures, one of our subsidiaries; our bank will from now on be able to offer service as the partner bank of Fintech ventures. Such ventures will be able to procure all digital banking and service banking facilities from Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries. We are ready to introduce our experience and capabilities to the outer world and enter into much more substantial cooperations by means of Apilion, for which we are committed to ensuring that it carries out business in the Europe as well, just after Turkey.

Sezer: "Everything, the fintechs require during their journey for growth, is now under a single roof at Apilion"

Highlighting that they are well acquainted with the issues, suffered by fintechs during their journey for growth; Yakup Sezer, the CEO of Aktif Ventures, said; "We, as Aktif Ventures, started off to fill the gaps in the "fintech industry". Thanks to the service banking model, we are capable of resolving a good many problems such as the difficulties in obtaining an own license, the obligations imposed by the regulatory bodies, the deficiencies in terms of technology and the issues in focusing in respect of product development. We can portray Apilion, we have put into practice currently, as a venture that offers growth and building services by pairing up service banking and licensing infrastructure in a single platform.  By means of Apilion, we are offering numerous Fintech APIs such as money transfer, investment products, loans, bank account, virtual and physical card, digital insurance, as well as all required licenses thereto, all in one".

Sezer finished his statement as follows; "For the purpose of enabling a Fintech to set up, launch and grow its business quicker, we are shouldering the heavy burden of regulations, compliance and bank relations and taking up the challenges resulting from the regulations. As the interdependence between individual Fintech ventures becomes indispensable and continues to grow, we will continue to pioneer the development of entrepreneurship and the Fintech ecosystem. We not only remain committed to adopting such principle, but also continue to build it up together and invest in such idea as backed by our experience and fund of knowledge.