Breaking new ground in the industry: Passo is now a "Blind Friendly Brand"

Blazing the trail in its industry, Passo, the event ticketing platform, which is a brand of Aktif Bank, entered into a cooperation with the BlindLook platform, which develops freedom technologies for brands and visually impaired individuals. Having received the "Eyebrand" certificate on the International White Cane Day, Passo will now be able to provide the visually impaired users with the services as based on a smooth experience, as well. 

Passo, the co-brand of Aktif Bank and E-Kent, one of its subsidiaries, and the key for the events, entered into a meaningful cooperation within the context of the International White Cane Day. Holding the Eyebrand, the global certificate, developed by the BlindLook platform and certificating the inclusive service offered by the blind friendly brands, Passo now offers a barrier-free ticketing experience. Thanks to such development, visually impaired individuals are now provided with the opportunity to use the Passo platform freely by making use of the audio oriented technologies.

Expressing that they, as a sports and entertainment platform, are happy to become a blind friendly brand, Atil Aykar, the General Manager of E-Kent, said; "It is of great importance to us to make Passo, which has more than 10 million users, become readily accessible for the visually impaired individuals as well. Accordingly, we entered into a cooperation with BlindLook, which makes efforts to build an equal and barrier-free world, and we became an "Eyebrand", i.e. a "Blind Friendly Brand". Thanks to the project, we materialized on the International White Cane Day, a meaningful date, from now on not only our mobile application but also our website will be able to provide service to the visually impaired individuals".

Highlighting that they provide access to the cultural, social and sports events by means of the Passo brand, Gamze Numanoglu, Managing Director, Customer Experience and Communications Group at Aktif Bank, remarked; "Integrating the millions of customers we reach with Passo, the leading ticketing brand, into the life and becoming a key to their social and cultural life are among our primary objectives. Being a Blind Friendly Brand, we made our brand barrier-free also for the visually impaired individuals thanks to the cooperation we entered with Blindlook, and we just turned their access to the events into a smooth experience. I wish that the number of the blind friendly brands increase and the great customer experience spreads with no barriers for all individuals with each passing day".