Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank pay visit to Gambia

​Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank's Senior Management held meetings with the President of the Gambia and the Ministers: Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank pay visit to Gambia

Senior Management of the Turkish Group, Çalık Holding, a reputable conglomerate globally known for their investments in the energy sector, and Aktif Bank, Turkey's leading investment bank committed to export-oriented operations in Africa, visited His Excellency Adama Barrow, the President of the Gambia, and the Ministries. During their visit, Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank representatives discussed the shared vision of the two countries as well as the ongoing and potential projects in the region. Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank are aimed at increasing their footprint in the African region.

Serdar Sumer, Member of Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank's Board of Directors, and Muzaffer Suat Utku, Executive Vice President of Aktif Bank's International Banking Group, paid a visit to the Gambia.  Having held meetings with the President of the Gambia and with the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and Oil and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, the Executives exchanged views on the ongoing projects in the region as well as potential cooperation areas. Among the sectors and opportunities discussed were banking, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, IPP and EPC.  

Adama Barrow expressed his gratitude to Aktif Bank for its operations and support to the banking sector in the Gambia.  Having selectively reviewed the projects of Çalık Holding in the region, His Excellency shared his excitement for the potential cooperation.

Mr. Utku: "We are one of the leading players in terms of banking relations in Africa"

Given its widespread banking network, Mr. Utku highlighted that Aktif Bank acts as a pioneer in the region as well as a financial bridge between Africa and the whole world. Mr. Utku said; "Thanks to those visits during the course of the pandemic, we are committed to increasing the opportunities we offer for Turkish exporters via our network of more than 300 correspondent banks. As a trade hub of the Western Africa, the Gambia is on our focus for Aktif Bank's trade finance activities.  We will continuously increase our exposure in Africa and our African foreign trade platform is soon to be launched."

Mr. Sumer: "We will continue with our energy investments in the region"

Serdar Sumer, Member of the Board of Directors of Çalık Holding and Aktif Bank, said, "We have ongoing projects and existing investments in energy, construction and mining sectors in Africa. We exchanged views with Mr. President, His Excellency, on the opportunities for those sectors in Gambia."

About Aktif Bank

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