Çalıkbank changed its name to Aktif Bank August 2008

​​As well known, since 1999 Çalıkbank has been making steady progress in the banking sector .

​​As well known, since 1999 Çalıkbank has been making steady progress in the banking sector where knowledge, reliability and credibility play an important role. We have now reached a milestone in the restructuring program of our bank, which we had launched in 2007.

As a means of creating significant breakthrough on our road to success, we are making a new and active start. From now on we will thrive and strive in the market as "Aktif Bank" – our new name, which means as it sounds: active-bank - which will no doubt be a better depiction of our raison d’etre.

In the light of our "Local-Global" vision, we have resolved to make, such innovation as the "Direct Banking" model (the first of its kind in retail banking in Turkey), the notion focusing on diverse range of targets aimed at providing novel corporate banking services, and the determination to become a "Regional Power" in the neighbouring countries of the Turkish Republic as the fundamental tenets of our strategy. Having strengthened our management, technology and human resources we aim to pursue our goals from our new headquarters - into which we have recently installed - in Zincirlikuyu.

On our path to success in the banking sector in Turkey and beyond, we chose brackets ( ) to be our logo, which we hope to fill with the confidence and perseverance of our team. We believe the name “Aktif” in brackets, which we will endeavour to make synonymous with “diversity” and “inclusiveness”, will depict the kind of dynamism that we hope to contribute to the banking sector as a whole.

As Aktif Bank, which aims to actively feel and be felt, we are delighted to share with you our joy of this wave of growth and renaissance.

We strongly believe that, with the support and reliance you confide in us, you will always be by our side and inside our brackets.

Yours faithfully.