Calıkbank purchases E-KentMay 2008

Çalık Management Systems, an associate company of Çalıkbank and EAS.

Çalık Management Systems, an associate company of Çalıkbank and EAS (Electronic Smart Systems) A.Ş. a company which designs electronic fee collection terminals and produces electronic counters signed a share transfer protocol in order to buy E-Kent shares.

E-Kent was established by EAS A.Ş. for the purpose of building the electronic fee collection system in Bursa in 2003. E-Kent continues to generate many technical, social, administrative electronic fee collection systems in various towns.

E-Kent offers modern, easily monitored fee collection systems with high standards for metropolitan public transportations. Components of the system are magnetic tickets, fee collection validators in public transport vehicles, toll gates in rail systems, ticket machines, point of sale terminals and hand terminals which are used to control the operability of the systems.

E-Kent electronic fee collection system provides an error-free calculation of daily progress payments and a correct distribution to the parties. Transactions between the bank, enterprise and service provider can be easily monitored in electronic environment and cash flow and revenues can be distributed to the parties. Annual return of E-Kent’s electronic fee collection operations is YTL 190 million. Currently, more than 1 million smart cards are in use in various systems.

E-Kent continues its strategic alliance with EAS by building, operating and supporting various electronic fee collection systems. Accordingly E-Kent and EAS provide electronic fee collection solutions for the public transport systems not only in Bursa, but also in Adana, Kayseri, Eskişehir, Balıkesir, Tokat, K.Ereğli and Amasya.

By purchasing E-Kent, Çalıkbank: 


Became one of the biggest prepayable card issuers in Turkey.

Reached a certain number in customer database which is similar to medium size banks number.

Became one of the important players in the contacless card market which is highly supported by MasterCard and Visa for the buyers of small quantities.

Reached an infrastructure which can provide support to all finance institutions in Turkey about transport operations.

Took action for the similar operations in Turkey and targeted other neighbour regions.


Çalıkbank General Manager who signed the share transfer protocol delivered his opinion about the E-Kent purchase: “As Çalık Management Systems A.Ş., we aim to generate innovative, sound and satisfying solutions in every kind of payment and subscription management systems. We created an incredible synergy between our companies which provide services in transportation systems, banking, gas distribution and telecommunication. I wish this new development will bring good luck for every one of us.”