Crypto-assets are all secured with Bitmatrix

​Backed by Aktif Bank, blazing the trail for many innovations across the industry as the leader of the new-generation banking, Attivo Bilişim A.Ş.( started to engage in the crypto-assets service industry with Bitmatrix Platform ( Built on the underlying strength from the financial know-how and corporate management approach of Aktif Bank, Bitmatrix will function as a "safe harbor" for the crypto-asset investors.

Aktif Bank, one of the largest investment bank in Turkey, has incorporated Attivo Bilişim A.Ş. as its indirect subsidiary, and thus, become the first Turkish bank to have invested in the crypto-assets service industry. As the second bank-backed exchange around the world, Bitmatrix Crypto-Assets Trading Platform that has been established by Attivo Bilişim, will gear up to provide the crypto-assets custody service as of the second half of 2019. Attivo Bilişim also aims to become the block-chain base of Turkey with its supports such as investment, business partnership and education, as well as the long-term R&D activities focused on block-chain technology.

Providing information about this initiative, Dr. Serdar Sümer, CEO of Aktif Bank, said: "Crypto-assets trading platforms, operating as a structure where the consumers/investors put their crypto-assets under custody, should be at least as reliable as a bank. In this regard; driven by our thoughts that a corporate and professional management approach should be introduced to the crypto-assets market, we incorporated Attivo Bilişim A.Ş. Bitmatrix was developed with the support of a team of expert software developers to meet the need for the crypto market where people can perform trading of their crypto-assets and put these assets under custody safely. A high-end secure structure was developed and established with both domestic and international business partnerships based on the best practices. We take justified pride of being the first bank to provide support to the crypto-assets service industry across our country. As Aktif Bank, we believe that the block-chain technology will create an extreme impact on many industries, especially payment systems. We aim to provide a contribution to enable our country to play an active role in this transformation process with the support that we will provide to education, creative ideas and initiatives, as well as the R&D activities for blockchain technology and digitalization of various assets by means of 'tokenization'."