Deep Interest in Istanbul International Finance Center from Arab Investors

Istanbul International Financial Center, which is currently being constructed in Atasehir, attracted intensive interest from foreign investors, who came to our country.

Istanbul International Financial Center, which is currently being constructed in Atasehir, attracted intensive interest from foreign investors, who came to our country for Turkish-Arab Economy Forum. Arab investors visited the construction site together with Ali Agaoglu, Chairman of Board of Directors of Agaoglu Group of Companies, being the builder in this project, and Dr. Önder Halisdemir, CEO of Aktif Bank, being the financier of this project.

While the construction of Istanbul International Financial Center, which is aiming at rendering Istanbul one of the top financial centers of the world, is in progress in full steam, this project continues attracting intensive interest from the business circles at an international level. Within this scope, the last visitors hosted in Istanbul International Financial Center are Arab investors who came to Istanbul in order to participate in Turkish-Arab Forum.

All Set for Making Istanbul a Financial Center

While talking about his opinion with respect to the visit of Arab investors, Ali Agaoglu said: “Istanbul International Financial Center keeps up attracting intense interest from business circles at an international level. We witnessed this deep interest closely at first hand in the trade fairs which we previously attended and from foreign representative offices which we opened, as well as from visits paid by the international financial circles to this project. And today, we found a further chance to make an on-site introduction about this project to Arab investors, who are here in our country in order to participate in Turkish-Arab Forum. We observe that our guests are very willing to take their places in Istanbul, which is now geared to become the new financial center of the world. Istanbul is, today, the 3rd largest tourism destination of Europe, only ranking after London and Paris, and is one of the rare cities, which have direct flights to 93 cities of the world. In addition to that, Grand Bazaar, which is considered to be the oldest bank of the world, is also situated here in Istanbul. Today, thanks to the strength of Istanbul International Financial Center, Istanbul rises again as a prominent global capital relying on this great inheritance. Due to this reason, it attracts the attention of many international investors.”

“We shall issue investment instruments of 200 million dollars”

Dr. Önder Halisdemir, General Manager of Aktif Bank, pointed out that this project, which is funded by his Bank, attracts intense interest from the investors. While describing the importance of Istanbul Financial Center, Mr Halisdemir added: “Developments going on in the financial centers of global importance suggest that the awareness towards value-added provided by the financial centers keeps up growing. This is mainly because these centers are inclined to channel their inner strength towards investments, innovation and, therefore, growth. A strong financial center spreads the global financial community over the bases of the economy, without making any discrimination with respect to being global, regional, niche or domestic players.”

Pointing out that Istanbul shall become a center also for financial institutions and that it shall now be converted into a destination in itself, a point of arrival, rather than a vehicle by which one crosses from one place to another, Mr Halisdemir concluded his words as: “The anchor cities of the nations play a key role in conversion of their nations. Upon implementation of Istanbul Financial Center project, the converting power of civilization and assets shall be felt more heavily in every aspect of our lives.”

Aktif Bank launches 3 new investment instruments specifically for İFM

Selected as the “Most Innovative Bank” of the world in 2011, Aktif Bank continues to prove that it deserves this award given. Istanbul Financial Center, which shall play a key role in the financial transformation of Turkey and which is already attracting intense interest from both the regional and the global investors, shall also become a focal point of the private investors, as well, under the financial guidance provided by Aktif Bank. Murahaba Sukuk, Real Estate Certificate and Asset Backed Security instruments, which are developed by Aktif Bank, shall be presented to the attention of the countries of Gulf area and Arab investors.

Recently visited by Lord Mayor, President of London Financial Center, İFM attracts interest not only from European investors but also from Middle Eastern investors. Islamic Development Bank is, too, enthusiastic for taking its place in İstanbul Financial Center. Istanbul, which is a city of great empires and which served as a center of commerce and finance for many centuries, is destined to increase its financial attraction more and more thanks to the strength of this project.

The Most Prestigious Project of the Region

“Istanbul Financial Center” has put its stamp on the 8th Turkish-Arab Economy Forum which is organized this year under the auspices of Dear Mr Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This Forum, where Aktif Bank is also among the sponsors, hosted many top level executives, investors and officials of the governments. In this Forum also a special panel with the title "Istanbul International Financial Center: The Most Prestigious Project in the Region" was organized. In this panel, which was hosted by AktifBank and Agaoglu Group of Companies, detailed information was given to the participants composed of the leading businessmen of Middle East, about the investment instruments which are offered by Aktif Bank specifically for this project and project funding.

Istanbul International Financial Center is geared to become the new center of attraction of Istanbul

Ağaoğlu, which had undertaken the construction of Istanbul International Financial Center, shall perform all the excavation works, all the common infrastructures, access roads, indoor and outdoor parking-lots, reinforced concrete production works belonging to the construction of subway station, soil improvement of the project site and all the structural and plant landscaping works by the use of its own sources. Within this context, there shall be no outflow of resources by the Government which shall be allocated for this project. In addition to this, Ağaoğlu shall design the projects for the commercial components, which have an indoor area of 160.148 m2 in this special project area, and thereafter shall realize the sale of these upon completion of the superstructure and infrastructures of such areas. This mentioned project includes components such as offices, Shopping Center, residence, 5-star hotel, conference hall with a capacity of 2.500 people as well as individual stores.

The Financial Center, which shall also accommodate the general headquarters of public corporations and institutions such as Halk Bankası, Vakıflar Bankası, Ziraat Bankası, Capital Market Board, is believed to be the most important project of Turkey for increasing the share Turkey is getting from the international capital movements, by influencing the attraction power of İstanbul in a positive manner.