Fans Can Enter Matches through Mobile Phones Now

Passolig, the most extensive match entrance system in football around the world, brings a new breakthrough once more.

Passo Mobile, match entrance system independent from clubs and devices, is launched. Aktif Bank carries the entire Passolig world of 3 million fans to mobile world. Passolig holders will be able to enter the matches by having their cards read through Passo Mobile application. To be initially launched at the stadiums of Four Big in 2017-2018 season, the system will be realized gradually at the other stadiums.

Passo Mobile application, running on both IOS and Android devices, enables football fans to not only perform the processes such as application to get a Passolig card, ticket transfer and ticket purchase, but also to enter the stadiums.

Introducing new breakthrough services almost every day leveraging on its innovative service perspective, Aktif Bank has developed Passo Mobile application for smart phones, taking its innovative initiatives in its digital system infrastructure to a new dimension. The application enables fans to enter the matches with their Android devices, which support NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and through the QR codes if their Android and IOS mobile phones do not support NFC technology.

The newly-released application Passo Mobile was publicized at a press meeting, held at Vodafone Park, by CEO of Aktif Bank Dr. Serdar Sumer and Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci.

Passo Mobile will make lives of fans easier

Stating that they launched all necessary initiatives to enable fans to enter the matches in the most rapid and easy manner since the day when the Passolig system was introduced, Dr. Serdar Sumer, CEO of Aktif Bank, said in his speech: "We aimed to combine all card processes and ticketing needs under a single application to make lives of fans easier. The mobile application, we put into use three months ago, allowed fans to perform all processes ranging from submitting their application to get a card to purchasing their tickets with Passo Mobile application on their mobile phones, without wasting their time to try to purchase their Passolig cards by either visiting the ticket offices or the Internet branch. And now they will be able to enter the matches upon having their smart phones read."

165 thousand Passo Mobile users in three months

Ceyhun Kazanci, General Manager of Passolig, provided details on the application, saying that they reached nearly three million Passolig card holders at the onset of 2017-2018 season, and continued his speech: "We have seen that more than 2 million fans have submitted their applications through digital channels in 3 years. This rate nearly hits 70 percent in 2017. 50 percent of these applications have been made through smart phones. As we are living through the technology age, we should facilitate people's lives with digital means. A total of 3 million 700 thousand people used turnstiles to watch the matches in Super Lig and TFF 1. Lig during 2016-2017 season.

We aim to further facilitate fans' means to enter matches, and increase this figure even higher.  We are happy to offer the first completely-digital match entrance system of the world to fans. Passo Mobile application enables fans not only to perform such processes as submitting their application to get a card, purchasing match tickets, loading money to their cards, extending the validity of tickets, transferring tickets, and transferring match tickets from the season tickets in a rapid and easy manner, but also to enter the matches through their smart phones. Since May, marking the launch of Passo Mobile, 165 thousand people have downloaded the application. When the profile of downloaders is analyzed in general terms, it is seen that 60 percent of them are aged 18-35, and that 52 percent of them use IOS devices while the remaining 48 percent use Android devices. The highest rates of downloading are held by Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana. More than 60 thousand processes have been performed through Passo Mobile application up until now."

Thanks to the newly-developed technology in Passo Mobile application, users of this application will not only be able to transfer their tickets in just a few seconds but also follow up the match results on both Super Lig and TFF 1. Lig live. Users will also be able to follow the match tickets, which have not been offered for sale yet, based on the league table, and get informed when they are on sale.