Game-changing ideas compete at Passo App Online Ideathon

Game-changing ideas compete at Passo App Online Ideathon

Passo App Ideathon, where entirely new ideas about the Passo app will compete, will start on October 1st. Registration for the award-winning idea development marathon, where both individuals and teams can compete, has started at


The Passo application, the ticket for entry to the stadiums and the world of events, continues to make the lives of its customers easier through applications such as money transfer, shopping and payment included in the application. Incorporating new features every passing day by innovative works of Aktif Bank, Passo hearkens to the creative ideas through award-winning and breathtaking idea development marathon.


The creative brains with an idea about the concept of SuperApp, one of the most talked topics of recent times, will compete at Passo App Online Ideathon, which will start on October 1. The first, second and third runner up will receive 10 thousand TL, 7 thousand TL and 5 thousand TL, respectively, at the idea marathon to be held online on October 1-2-3. It is expected that new ideas to take Passo forward and beyond its current functions will be generated at the Ideathon. Both individual registration and team registration are available for the applications to be made at


Adaca: Everything starts with an idea

Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank, said: "We position ourselves as a giant financial technologies ecosystem rather than a bank. We also know by heart that everything starts with an idea when designing applications and working on making life easier with the aim of creating solutions for the needs of our customers. We are looking forward to this competition, where we will listen to our young people and see their exciting points of views."