Hollywood Vampires livened up Istanbul under the sponsorship of Aktif Bank Private Banking

Hollywood Vampires, the band composed of Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, the doyens of rock music, together with Johnny Depp, the world-renowned actor, reunited with its fans in Istanbul under the sponsorship of Aktif Bank Private Banking. 

The concert, held in Life Park under the main sponsorship of Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment Bank in Turkey, reported an attendance of approximately 8 thousand individuals, some of which were celebrities. 

During the concert, attended by the guests of Aktif Bank Private Banking and the business partners of the Bank as well, Johnny Depp and his mates delivered a joyous night to the audience with their performance. Besides, having celebrated his 60th birthday the day before the concert, Johnny Depp announced that they will donate all income from the concert to the earthquake victims, together with his bandmates.

As is known, Aktif Bank Private Banking has previously sponsored the concerts of Bryan Adams, the world-renowned musician, and also of Deep Purple, a British rock band, performed in Istanbul.