If you shop TRY 50 from CarrefourSA with your N Kolay Ankara Card, you will be entitled to a free pass

Combining transportation and shopping, N Kolay Ankara Card launched a new campaign with CarrefourSA, the leading brand of the retail industry in Turkey. Under the campaign, each shopping worth TRY 50 from CarrefourSA stores in Ankara by means of N Kolay Ankara Card will bring a free pass immediately.  So, the people in Ankara can return home from shopping for free.

1,2 million intracity travels by N Kolay Ankara Card

Providing daily services that people seek in the capital in a single card, N Kolay Ankara Card has been used 1,2 million times for transportation purposes in the first six months. This card, which can be used by the people in Ankara for both transportation and shopping purposes, is not only free, but also grants two free passes.

About Aktif Bank:

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-held investment bank of Turkey, operates in retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking and private banking in line with innovative business models and new-generation banking approach. Currently acting as the "financial technologies ecosystem", Aktif Bank provides service to 8 million clients to meet their daily needs in many fields ranging from loan to insurance, from transportation to card services, and payment systems, across more than 10 different lines of business together with its subsidiaries and business partners. As a reflection of its success, Aktif Bank has won many national and international awards including the "World's Most Innovative Bank"  award.

About CarrefourSA:

CarrefourSA, initiating its business operations as a leading brand across the retail market in 1996 as a result of the partnership with Carrefour, the first French global retail brand to invest in Turkey in 1993, with Sabanci Holding, currently operates within a network of 601 markets in 53 provinces, including 29 Hypermarkets, 347 Supermarkets, 25 Gourmet markets, 194 Mini markets and 6 Gima markets, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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