Insurance package offered by YEPAS And UNICO Sigorta cooperation!

YEPAS has entered into a great cooperation with Unico Sigorta.

The free consumer customers of YEPAS are to have the insurance packages free of charge. The individual users will be able to benefit from these services by means of "My EnergeticHome Campaign" while industry and place of business users will be able to benefit from the same by means of "EnergySME Campaign".

The YEPAS subscribers, becoming free consumers by means of 12-month commitment for dwelling/residence users and 24-month commitment for the workplaces such as place of business and industry, will be granted with the opportunity to have Residence/Workplace Insurance Policy and to benefit from the additional services at a market value of hundreds of Turkish Liras, free of charge, as well as to make use of the advantageous tariffs. 

Through the "EnergeticHome Campaign" of Unico Sigorta, the consumers will have the Personal Accident Insurance, along with the residence assistance package. The consumers will be entitled to benefit from the combi boiler maintenance service, ophthalmologic examination service, dental examination service, glass renewal service, locksmith service and electric installation service, all of which are included in residence assistance, free of charge. And in respect of workplaces, the consumers will be entitled to make use of air conditioning maintenance service, internal electricity installation service, legal counseling service, glass renewal service, locksmith service as well as website and IT support, along with the personal accident insurance, through the "EnergySME Campaign".

Cenk Tabakoglu: "We will continue to engage in the cooperation’s adding value to the consumers." 

Stating that they attach great importance to this cooperation with YEPAS, Cenk Tabakoglu, the General Manager of Unico Sigorta, said: "To deliver our products to the target groups by means of right channel and at the right time is one of our main priorities. We consider our cooperation with YEPAS as an opportunity for the increase of the sense of awareness of insurance and for the spread of insurance."

Arif Aksam: "We will continue to providing exclusive tariffs for the needs of our customers."

In this respect, Arif Aksam, Sales Marketing Coordinator of YEPAS noted;

"We are introducing the insurance package campaign, exclusively prepared by Unico Sigorta for our customers, to our customers with the group synergy that we created with Sigortayeri, one of our subsidiaries affiliated with Calik Holding. In accordance with the limits specified by EMRA for 2017, the consumers, whose monthly bill amount is higher than TRY 82, will be entitled to become free consumers. Accordingly, this situation will create a competitive and liberal market and provide great advantages for both the sector and our customers. Besides, we will be offering many campaigns to be carried out in line with the expectations of our customers in this new period. We will be the most powerful precursor of this new period with our cooperation, and our first priority will be to create a value for our customers and to meet the expectations of our customers in a high quality and steady manner. Moreover, cooperating with Unico, one of the most important companies in the insurance sector, under the leadership of Sigortayeri, the subsidiary of our holding company, in this campaign pleased us.

Cuneyt Tanriverdi:” We attach great importance to carry out the projects and to make use of the cooperation opportunities for the benefit of the customers.”

Noting that they are glad to serve as an intermediary for this significant cooperation in favor of the consumers, Cuneyt Tanriverdi, the General Manager of Sigortayeri, said: "We, as Sigortayeri, attach great importance to carry out the projects and to make use of the cooperation opportunities for the benefit of both the institutions and the customers. We are glad to contribute to the meeting of two great institutions, Unico Sigorta and Yepas, for such purpose and also to the realization of such significant cooperation. The cooperation will result in benefits for Unico Sigorta, YEPAS and subscribers of YEPAS. I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in this cooperation and I hope our cooperation will be beneficial for all."