Istanbul Marathon is now N Kolay

​Aktif Bank has become the title sponsor of Istanbul Marathon with its brand N Kolay: Istanbul Marathon is now N Kolay

Aktif Bank, the largest financial technologies ecosystem of Turkey, has become the title sponsor of Istanbul Marathon, the most important marathon of the world, by N Kolay, its digital banking platform. Transferring the support it has been given to sports for so many years also to running by N Kolay Istanbul Marathon now, Aktif Bank has added a new one to the support it offers for sports, from the management to the staff.

Mr. Sumer: "The dynamism of N Kolay gathered with the marathon"

Serdar Sumer, the CEO of Aktif Bank said: 'Being active' is in the DNA of our bank. Our association with the sports originated from this approach. Firstly, we started with football; but, we are engaged in numerous activities related with sports and events today. On the other hand, N Kolay, the digital platform of our bank, is a very important brand in that it is unique in its name, makes life easier and meets rapidly the needs of individuals rapidly anywhere and anytime. We considered that this dynamism we offer with our brand N Kolay matches with the spirit of Istanbul Marathon, one of the most important marathons in the world, and we decided to become the title sponsor of the marathon. Now, we are taking the support we offer for sports for many years to a new dimension with N Kolay Istanbul Marathon. We are very excited to cooperate with IBB (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) Spor Istanbul. We believe that we will together achieve great accomplishments in the coming period. "


Mr. Onur: '' Enjoying the most beautiful city of the world is now possible with N Kolay Istanbul Marathon…''

I. Renay Onur, the General Manager of IBB (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) Spor Istanbul said: "We are here with you to talk about our cooperation with the brand N Kolay, the title sponsor of Istanbul Marathon that is the most important sports event of Istanbul, and to share our good news with you.

Adding the greatest possible value to Istanbul Marathon is our common denominator and goal in evaluating the only intercontinental marathon in the world. Istanbul Marathon has always had a world-class special racecourse with the unique experience it offers to the runners.

A limited number of runners will start off in the racecourse; however, we have brought a virtual race into our world in order to be able to run with those who believe that life should not stop in a single year that won't be forgotten by whole world. We have made the registration available for the Virtual Run stages of N Kolay Istanbul Marathon. Ten thousand runners will run 5, 10 and 15K on their own tracks.

While preparing for the half marathon during the pandemic, we worked in detail on meticulous implementation of all health measures from transportation to the start area, from race to the finish. In fact, we revived the spirit of athleticism under challenging conditions with the representative number of runners in Istanbul Half Marathon held on September 20. The praises we received on the national and foreign press gave us great self-confidence and determination for the upcoming Istanbul Marathon.

Non-governmental organizations are an absolute must for the city and society to embrace the city marathons. In this sense, we see that civil society has substantial contribution to road running for the last 10 years. One out of every 2 runners of last year took part in the charity run, and this is very pleasing for humanity.

"With N Kolay Istanbul Marathon, it is now possible to enjoy the most beautiful city in the world by performing the most democratic sports in the world, which makes the city easier to live and gives lifeblood to civil society.''

Mr. Cintimar: '' lstanbul Marathon will continue rising with its new title sponsor ''

Fatih Cintimar, the President of the Athletics Federation stated that Istanbul Marathon will continue rising with its new title sponsor, and remarked:

"It has achieved its current position with the title Istanbul Marathon, which was initiated by a master athlete group who came from Germany in 1979 and continues by growing bigger every year. In 1989, an action to further grow this event and make it available to the world was taken through the cooperation established between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Athletics Federation, and this is where it came from those days. And now, we will continue with the title N Kolay. Istanbul Marathon, one of the most important marathons in the world in that it increased rapidly to 12-13 thousand people from approximately one thousand people with a substantial potential and continues by increasing every passing year, has become N Kolay Istanbul Marathon.

Racecourse record was broken last year. The winner of last year also won the world championship in women's world championship in Doha. Unfortunately, there is no other sports branch except athletics, where you can start off and finish the racecourse with the World Champion. I hope that it will keep rising with N Kolay. Istanbul Marathon is the biggest annual sports event we hold in Turkey. It is one of the biggest sports advertising figures in terms of participation, potential and international portfolio. "

Stating that they aim to be on the platform in Balkan Mountain Race to be held in Poland, President Cintimar said: "We will run for the championship in Balkan Mountain Race next week. On October 19, we will be on the platform as a team among 68 countries in the Half Marathon World Championship to be held in Poland, which we have participated, but never achieved success until now. This will be where our marathon culture will be crowned with athletics". 

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