Match Tickets Are Now on Your Mobile Phones

Expanding its range of services each day with an innovative service perspective, Aktif Bank has introduced the mobile application "Passo".

Services will be provided to the fans through a single platform thanks to this application embracing several functions such as submission of application to get a Passolig card, purchasing match tickets, loading money to Passolig cards, extension of the validity period of e-tickets.  

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, has introduced the first phase of the mobile application "Passo" to the fans. The mobile application "Passo", to be downloaded on devices running on Android and IOS operating systems, will enable the fans to perform all ticketing processes. Thanks to this application, users will be able to perform both ticketing processes and Passolig card processes in just a few minutes on a single platform. On top of that, several new services will also be introduced to make users' lives easier at the anticipated second phase of the application. 

Users of this application will not only be able to transfer their tickets in just a few seconds but also follow up the match results on both Spor Toto Super Lig and TFF 1. Lig live. Users will also be able to follow the match tickets, which have not been offered for sale yet, based on the league table, and get informed when they are on sale. 

Passolig gains 2.8 million fans in 3 years

Stating that they have consolidated all card and ticketing needs under a single mobile application in order to make the fans' lives easier, Dr. Serdar Sumer, General Manager of Aktif Bank, said: "With our new mobile application "Pass", we have aimed to enable the fans to perform all services, they receive through Passolig, rapidly and easily by means of their mobile phones.  So far, we have received approximately 2 million applications for Passolig card through our web channel, 50% of which have been performed through the mobile devices. All these signs have pointed out the need for a mobile application. Number of Passolig Card holders has reached up to 2.8 million following launch of Passolig system in 2014. Our target is to reach up to 3 million cards by the end of this season. We expect an increase in the number of card following introduction of this application. Through the mobile application 'Passo', the fans will be able to submit their applications to get a card, purchase match tickets, obtain and renew their cards, load money to their cards, extend the validity period of the card, transfer their tickets or seasonal tickets easily and rapidly."