N Kolay 17th Istanbul Half Marathon had a press conference held in the Metaverse universe

​ N Kolay 17th Istanbul Half Marathon had a press conference held in the Metaverse universe

A press conference for N Kolay 17th Istanbul Half Marathon, which will be run on March 27, 2022, Sunday, is just held. The event, attended by Can Akin Caglar, the Secretary General of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Fatih Cintimar, the President of the Turkish Athletic Federation, and Renay Onur, the General Manager of Spor Istanbul, and Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank, was held simultaneously in the Metaverse as well. Ekrem Imamoglu, the Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality attended the conference through the Metaverse universe.


Adaca: "We feel excited to host more than 10 thousand runners on March 27"

Stating that they, as Aktif Bank, keep the marathon journey, they have started by acting in cooperation with Spor Istanbul, going with the N Kolay 17th Istanbul Half Marathon; Aysegul Adaca, the CEO of Aktif Bank said; "We are happy to sponsor the organization of this sport event, which embraces not only professionals but also amateurs, in Istanbul, a so beautiful city, and in such an inclusive manner. We feel excited to host 73 elite athletes and more than 10 thousand amateur runners on March 27 at the historical peninsula that has hosted many civilizations for more than 8 thousand years."


"We will have great surprises regarding N Kolay Istanbul Marathon in the Metaverse"

Adaca also remarked; "Today, we just pioneered an entirely new experience by hosting our press conference simultaneously in Decentraland, one of the most popular platforms in the Metaverse, thanks to the leading position of our bank in the field of financial technologies.  Upon the break out of the pandemic, we had encouraged thousands of runners to run at their cities by means of the technology, and now, holding the press conference for the half marathon, becoming integrated with the technology, simultaneously at the Metaverse universe, indeed, demonstrates that we have achieved a project that is holistic in all aspects. We are planning to carry out many thrilling surprise projects through the Metaverse for the N Kolay Istanbul Marathon, which will be held in November, as well."