"N Kolay" enables you to make always-yielding investment easily

​Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, developed a new mobile application for N Kolay Bond, one of its investment products which always yield high return to its retail clients ''The Bond Application'', developed with a focus on completely-digital client experience, makes high-yielding investment faster and easier.

Making a difference with its innovative and technological applications, Aktif Bank developed a mobile application for N Kolay Bond, one of its high-yielding investment products, to make the life of investors easier. Compatible with all iOS and Android devices, the user-friendly "N Kolay" mobile application enables the clients of Aktif Bank to log into the application with their current Internet banking passwords, and to perform all trading actions for N Kolay Bond. The ones, who are not among the clients of Aktif Bank but want to take advantage of this daily high-yielding return advantage offered by N Kolay Bond, can be a client of Aktif Bank in an instant after clicking on the option "Be a Client" and filling in the short and simple form on the application. They can immediately take advantage of N Kolay Bond through EFT to their accounts, opened in the same day, from their accounts held with any other bank.

Stating that they act with the aim of making the lives of depositors easier as a bank that has built its corporate culture completely on the financial technology ecosystem and can integrate the innovative approaches into its business model fast, Betügül Toker, Executive Vice President, Digital Banking and Payment Systems, said: "Keeping this in mind, we developed N Kolay Bond which is an individual, digital and always-yielding investment instrument enabling our retail clients to put their savings into good use, other than the usual banking applications, offering the advantages of being the largest privately-owned investment bank of Turkey to our retail clients. And now, we have developed 'N Kolay' mobile application as per the requests of our clients and based on the client experience. Thanks to this application, every person, whether be a client of Aktif Bank or not, will be able to access N Kolay Bond, which yields a higher return than the conventional investment instruments, and enables to invest from TRY 200 to TRY 750.000, on the mobile application. The brand-new features will be integrated into the application very soon in Turkey.

No EFT charged on the application

The Bank collects no EFT charge from users. Developed initially for transactions in TRY, the application will soon provide the functions such as Fast Foreign Currency Transactions, Foreign Currency Investments, Loan Transactions and payment with QR.

Withholding advantage and daily high-yielding return

Aktif Bank applies the interest rate of 22.50 percent for N Kolay Bond. Pointing out to the advantage offered in terms of the interest rate during the campaign, Betügül Toker continued her words: "The interest rate for the deposits, to yield the same amount of return with a maturity of up to 6 months as N Kolay Bond with an applicable interest rate of 22.50 percent, corresponds to 23.82 percent thanks to the withholding advantage. Thanks to the brand-new feature of N Kolay Bond, the bonds are not affected from any change in the interest rates as long as they remain in the account of the clients. In this way, the interest rate applicable for the bonds remain unchanged even if the interest rate applicable on the market decreases. And this makes N Kolay Bond substantially different than the other investment instruments. Depositors, investing in N Kolay Bond, will be able to maintain their always-yielding interest returns until the date of redemption of the respective investment instrument."