N Kolay makes transportation in Istanbul easier!

Shared Taxis are becoming digitalized by indiBindi

Offering innovative solutions for the needs of the consumers, N Kolay now gives a digital impulse to transportation. Thanks to the indiBindi mobile application, the residents of Istanbul will be able to pay the fare for shared taxis within seconds, and will not need to go to the main stand for getting on a shared taxi.

N Kolay, the digital bank of Aktif Bank, which is the largest investment bank in Turkey, now supplements its innovative solutions with a new one. Thanks to the indiBindi mobile application developed for such purpose, the residents of Istanbul will now be able to make use of contactless payment by means of the QR code. Besides, they will be able to make booking through the application, and will not need to wait at the shared taxi stands.

An application that clears away the contact

Thanks to the application, developed in collaboration with the Istanbul Shared Taxi Services Association, the contact at the shared taxis will be cleared away and the payments will become practical to be made through QR. Furthermore, the residents of Istanbul will also be able to make booking for the vehicles, which are known as the yellow shared taxis, and thus, they will not need to come to the first stand.

In addition, the shared taxi drivers will also be able to keep track of the payments instantly through the application, and they will not lose time with waiting at the main stand by making use of the booking feature.

Complimentary first ride

indiBindi, whereby the card details are kept as secured by Mastercard's Masterpass solution, provides its users with a complimentary first ride on a shared taxi.  Besides, the users will be entitled to ride by making use of the points collected for each ride.   The activities for extending indiBindi, which has been launched in Kadikoy, Istanbul in the first step, all across Turkey in the upcoming period are in progress.

Ms. Toker: We responded the need for digitalization in the payment of the shared taxi fares by means of IndiBindi.  The individuals will no more pass money from hand to hand.  We now bring the customers with hygiene, speed and the opportunity to book their seats.

Stating that Aktif Bank has accomplished distinctive achievements in the industry under the umbrella of N Kolay; Betugul Toker, the Executive Vice President in charge of Retail, Digital and Payment Systems at Aktif Bank said; "The requirement for hygiene as increased by the pandemic raised the importance of the contactless applications in our life, considerably. Meanwhile, both the passengers and the drivers are exposed to an increased risk in particular at the urban transportation vehicles in which the "fares are paid by passing the money from hand to hand" and where cash money still circulates. As based on such insight, we materialized indiBindi, our new application, and we incorporated the hygiene, speed and convenience, we all need, into such application.  We wanted to make life easier and minimize the risk by integrating the contactless payment technology with the shared taxis, which are notably widely used in Turkey and which constitute a part of our transportation culture.  We want to share such experience with Turkey by expanding the boundaries of the application in the upcoming period". She also remarked, "In the past, we all needed to wait in a queue for getting on a shared taxi.  Or, we needed to go to the main stand.  We cleared up that too.  Now, you will enjoy the convenience to get on a shared taxi at any stand by making a booking before leaving the house. Everyone will now get on a shared taxi by paying the fare through the mobile application without any rush. Besides, they will become entitled to complimentary ride and will not have to carry cash at all"


About Aktif Bank

Maintaining its business as the largest financial technologies ecosystem in Turkey, Aktif Bank provides service to more than 10 million customers within more than 10 business lines at each and every point of life on 360 degrees, together with its subsidiaries and business partners.  Holding a market share of 18 percent in the retail customer market thanks to its effective business partnerships, innovative business models and digital channel investments in retail banking, Aktif Bank maintains its innovative activities without slowing down. The Bank, which uninterruptedly diversifies its digital world by aiming to achieve excellence in customer experience, nourishes the world of "N Kolay" with new products and services. The application, which facilitates investment by means of the N Kolay Bond it offers, also incorporates the features such as bill payments as well as the FX platform enabling to buy and sell foreign exchange. The Bank also supports the Istanbul Marathon as being its title sponsor with N Kolay, its digital bank which facilitates the life and meets the needs of the individuals rapidly at any time and anywhere without a branch. With its Passo mobile application, which is another actor of its digital world, Aktif Bank provides readily access not only to the matches but also all events varying from concerts to theaters. The advantages offered at the stadiums by Passo are accompanied by the opportunities such as 7/24 money transfer by QR, shopping and instant loan. The Bank also offers smart transportation and smart urban card solutions to millions of individuals, on monthly basis, in 7 cities. Aktif Bank, which carries out partnerships with Mitsubishi, the technology giant, introduces Turkey to bleeding-edge technologies in the fields such as cyber security and biometric authentication, security technologies and building trade.