New Support From Aktif Bank To Young Entrepreneurs

New Support From Aktif Bank To Young Entrepreneurs

​​​Aktif Bank continues to support young entrepreneurs across Turkey who want to implement their business ideas. The contest organized by Boğaziçi University Management and Economics Club and sponsored by Aktif Bank will give the chance to young entrepreneurs to apply their business ideas. Those who rank highest among groups that will receive various training courses and mentorship throughout the contest will not only be awarded prize money but will seize the chance to have their projects invested in by angel investors.

Call for applications for the EnterPrize Entrepreneurship Contest; supported by Turkish Airlines, TIM and Aktif Bank as platinum and diamond sponsors, have been open since November 3. Following the first evaluation results of the contest where undergraduate, masters and PhD students from across Turkey will present their business ideas in 5 different areas; the selected groups will be entitled to participate in the Entrepreneurship Summit to be held between December 20 and 21.

As part of the summit, the groups will be trained on basic subjects every entrepreneur should master such as applied entrepreneurship, setting up a business model and plan, financial management, business law, effective presentation techniques and marketing strategies and will receive special mentorship of 8 weeks after the training.

The participants, major players in the business world of the future, will undergo a long process of competition and education until May when they will present their projects to the leading businessmen of Turkey. In addition to the prize money to be given to top 10 finalists at the end of the contest, many other groups will be offered office and mentorship support. Moreover, the selected groups will also have the chance to present their projects to angel investors.

You may find further information on the contest on and The deadline for the contest is December 10, 2014.