Number of Passolig Card holders exceeds 2 million with 35 percent increase in attendance

Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci gets together with press members at an iftar dinner in Trabzon, during which he mentioned that attendance numbers in Spor Toto Super Lig and PTT 1. Lig increased by 35% compared to the previous season.

Kazanci said that number of Passolig Card holders saw 2,1 million and was expected to hit 3 million by the end of the season 2016-2017.

Passolig officials get together with representatives of local media in Trabzon at an iftar dinner organized at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel on Wednesday evening, June 15, 2016. Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci as well as Trabzonspor's Deputy Chairman Dr. Ahmet Cubukcu, Board Members Ozer Bayraktar, Suat Sen and Trabzonspor's CEO Sinan Zengin attended the dinner, during which current information about Passolig was shared.

Ceyhun Kazanci highlighted the significant increase in ticket sales and revenues in both Sport Toto Super Lig and PTT 1. Lig over the season 2015 - 2016, "A 34% increase has been recorded in total attendance figures in both leagues year over year. In the season 2015-2016, attendance numbers increased by 35% in Super Toto Super Lig and 32.5% in PTT 1. Lig games compared to the previous season."

Kazanci underlined the significant increase in attendance numbers and ticket revenues compared to the previous season, noting: "The increase in attendance numbers is also reflected on matchday revenues. Total attendance figure was 1 million 904 thousand in Spor Toto Super Lig for the season 2014-2015 whilst this figure rose to 2 million 568 thousand for the season 2015-2016. And in PTT 1. Lig, the attendance number rose to 661 thousand from 498 thousand. In the season 2014-2015, 148 thousand football fans attended Ziraat Turkish Cup games whilst this figure rose to 364 thousand during the last season. As for Champions League and UEFA Europa League games, for the season 2015-2016, attendance numbers rose to 477 thousand from 73 thousand over the season 2014-2015. Whilst the total attendance number for the season 2014-2015 was 2 million 625 thousand, 4 million 41 thousand football fans filled the stadiums over the season 2015-2016."

Everywhere Is Trabzon For Trabzonspor Fans

Ceyhun Kazanci went on to say "Trabzonspor Fans from 81 cities in Turkey and across 72 countries around the world buy Passolig and number of Passolig holder Trabzonspor fans is forcing the threshold of 100 thousand cards. Trabzonspor has much bigger potential than that and we believe that this potential will reveal once the new stadium is put into service".

Trabzonspor ranks among the Top 5 football clubs in Turkey by number of Passolig Card holders with 95 thousand subscriptions as of the end of 2015-2016.  In the season 2015-2016, the number of Passolig Card holder Trabzonspor fans increased by about 60% to 95 thousand from 60 thousand in the season 2014 – 2015.

Trabzonspor also increased its average attendance numbers by 32 percent to over 10 thousand people despite the 4 matches where spectators were not allowed in the stadium compared to 7 thousand 500 people in the season 2014-2015.