Number of Passolig Card holders increased by 2.5 folds in one season

Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci gives a press conference in Izmir, sharing current Passolig figures and answering questions about Passolig.

Izmir has established football clubs, which made a mark in Turkish football history, and passionate football fans, Kazanci says, noting that an increase is expected in attendance numbers with the effect of the new stadiums.

Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci gave a press conference in Izmir to assess current data on Passolig and answer the questions of local press members. The conference took place in Izmir on Tuesday, September 6. Board members of Goztepe ve Altinordu football clubs were also present at the meeting. At the conference, it has been shared that Izmir ranks 6 among other provinces by the number of Passolig Card holders, and the attendance numbers tend to rise this season.

Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci stated that attendance increased by 35% in Spor Toto Super Lig and TFF 1. Lig compared to previous season, and total number of Passolig Card holders hit 2 million 150 thousand. "I would like to wish good luck to all football clubs as we leave behind the first two weeks of the Turgay Seren Season," Kazanci said, "Number of Passolig Card holder football fans exceeded 150 thousand over the last two seasons. We anticipate this number to go over 3 million by the end of this season. Number of football fans attending matches is increasing day by day both across Turkey and in Izmir. Matchday attendance, ticket sales and revenues increased significantly both in Spor Toto Super Lig and TFF 1. Lig over the season 2015- 2016. Attendance numbers increased by 35% in Super Toto Super Lig and 32.5% in PTT 1. Lig games compared to the previous season."

Kazanci noted that, in Spor Toto Super Lig, total attendance increased to 2 million 568 thousand over the season 2015-2016 from 1 million 904 thousand for the season 2014-2015 whilst it rose from 498 thousand to 661 thousand in TFF 1. Lig. According to Passolig data, 302 million fans attended Ziraat Turkish Cup matches during the season 2014-2015. This figure rose to 364 thousand in the last season. As for Champions League and UEFA Europa League games, for the season 2015-2016, attendance numbers rose to 477 thousand from 336 thousand over the season 2014-2015. Whilst the total attendance number for the season 2014-2015 was 3 million 42 thousand, 4 million 41 thousand football fans filled the stadiums over the season 2015-2016."

Kazanci: Izmir is the birthplace of modern football in Turkey

"Izmir has made a significant mark in the history of Turkish football with its successful football clubs, missions and sportsmen", Kazanci underlined the importance of Izmir as the birthplace of modern Turkish football. "Izmir is the birthplace of modern football in Turkey. This means a lot for us, the football fans.

Many important figures including Metin Oktay, Mustafa Denizli were born here. Football clubs and fans in Izmir have made great contributions to football in Turkey. The established football culture here has formed a passionate fan group that are loyal to not only their favorite team but also the football itself. Currently, Izmir is the 6th province with the most Passolig Card holders. And this figure is rising rapidly. As of the end of the football season 2015-2016, number of Passolig Card holders rose to 81 thousand from 33 thousand in the season 2014-2015. This means a 2.5-fold increase over a season. Attendance, in turn, more than tripled. Last season, total attendance exceeded 100 thousand compared to 30 thousand in the previous season. Also, new stadiums significantly increase the attendance everywhere. We expect to see this increase in Izmir, too. Construction of Bornova Stadium is almost complete. We will be observing this increase first there. Last season, record attendance for TFF 1. Lig was achieved in Izmir derbies. A total of 28 thousand fans filled the stadiums at the Karsiyaka v. Goztepe derbies played in each half of the seasons. The two arch rivals also broke a world record. The highest attendance in a 2nd league match in the world was recorded at another Goztepe v. Karsiyaka derby with 80 thousand football fans filling the stadium.

Number of Passolig Card holders hit 100 thousand in Izmir

Ceyhun Kazanci also mentioned the breakdown of Passolig Card figures by football clubs in Izmir. Even though Goztepe was included in e-ticket system in the season 2015-2016, it has become the football club with the most Passolig Card holders in Izmir. Number of Passolig Card holder Goztepe fans has hit 20 thousand. Altinordu also tripled its Passolig Cards from one thousand to 3 thousand. Total number of Passolig Card holders in Izmir rose to 30 thousand from 8 thousand 500.

"We want to inform the fans"

Ceyhun Kazanci also clarified some Passolig facts misunderstood by the public. "We are employing various communication channels nation-wide in order to inform the public better about Passolig Card and the system," Kazanci said. "There are some points that have been misperceived by the public from the beginning. The most evident one is the misconception that Passolig does not admit spectators into the stadium... We have an enforcement role here. We know that federation and football clubs take some actions in this respect. Considering our higher attendance targets and commercial objectives, it is out of question for us to do so. However, there are laws and we are obliged to enforce what is prescribed by the law and authorities."

Kazanci also clarified another common misconception among non-Passolig Card holders, "A football fan who does not have a Passolig Card may apply for the card and get into the stadium even on the match day. All they need to do is to subscribe to the system. Even if they have not received their Passolig Cards yet, fans can attend matches by using a single-pass, which is available at ticket booths."

Ceyhun Kazanci also added: "Passolig mobile application will go live this season, coming soon, the application will provide a wide range of services in a fast and simple way for football fans including card application, ticket purchase, card purchase, card renewal, top-up, term extension, ticket transfer and transfer of single game tickets from season tickets."