Passolig Hackathon starts on December 16

Passolig will develop its mobile application further through young ideas.

The entrepreneurs to participate in Passolig Ideation Hackathon, which will last for two days between December 16-18, will have a chance to be a part of the team to create the application which will adapt Passolig to mobile devices and also have the opportunity to develop ideas for the following steps as the people who experience the mobile application first.

Passolig is holding the Ideation Hackathon for the application which will ensure the card and e-ticket procedures will be easily performed by means of the mobile devices. Being open for all the software developers, the Hackathon will be held between December 16-18 in Habita Coworking by Passolig and Stage-co jointly. The participant software developers are expected to add creative features which will bring about viral effect to the application and to develop solutions for the platforms in favor of the users. At the end of the Hackathon, the ideas deemed successful by the jury will be realized for the following steps of the mobile application of Passolig.

The jury, comprising of Ceyhun Kazanci, the Passolig General Manager, the senior executives of Aktif Bank and surprise names, will elect the successful teams in developing ideas on December 18. In consequence of the voting, the winning team will be awarded with TRY 6000, the first runner-up and second runner-up will be granted with the award of TRY 3000 and TRY 1000, respectively.

Stating that they have made the first phase of Passolig mobile application ready-to-use, Passolig General Manager Ceyhun Kazanci noted the football lovers will be able to easily perform the procedures by means of the mobile devices in the near future. Pointing out that they hold such Hackathon for the purpose of inspiring from the young ideas for the following phases of the application, Kazanci said: "Technology is developing at a dizzying speed and the new generation is adapting itself to this change in the same way. So, we are constantly developing solutions which are capable of meeting the needs of the customers in a practical and efficient manner. Approximately 2.5 million Passolig Card holders and the football lovers to become a Passolig member in the future will be able to apply for Passolig, to extend the validity of Passolig Card if necessary, and also to perform the procedures such as purchasing ticket and ticket transfer through the mobile application. We wanted to pay attention to the ideas of the young software developers for the following phases of the application. We are really sure that we will witness the emergence of extremely creative and need-oriented inventions. We will have very entertaining and efficient two days together and put forward brand new ideas. We are inviting all the software developers to take their place in this process".

All the young software developers, who like football, are very interested in technology and wish to participate in Passolig Ideation Hackathon, just need to register through the website