Reassignment in Aktif Bank

​Aysegul Adaca Ogan will serve as the new CEO of Aktif Bank Reassignment in Aktif Bank

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, reported a notable reassignment. Serdar Sumer, who has been serving as the CEO of Aktif Bank since 2015, is now assigned to hold office at the boards of directors of all of the companies of Calik Holding, which are engaged in the financial and telecommunications sectors, in particular at the board of directors of Calik Holding to which the Bank is affiliated.  Aysegul Adaca Ogan, who has been serving at various executive positions within the field of retail banking at the bank as well as the holding since 2015, is now assigned to serve as the CEO of Aktif Bank.  Aysegul Adaca Ogan will serve as the CEO of Aktif Bank as of January, 2021.  Mr. Sumer will continue to hold office at the Boards of Directors of Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries, in addition to his new positions within the organization of Calik Holding.

Maintaining its business as the most comprehensive financial technologies ecosystem in Turkey, Aktif Bank reported a notable assignment at its senior management. Aysegul Adaca Ogan, who has been serving at the field of banking for many years, is now assigned to serve as the CEO of Aktif Bank as of January, 2021.

Having served as the CEO since 2015 at Aktif Bank, he has joined as an executive vice president in 2008, Mr. Sumer said that such reassignment demonstrated the maturity of the Bank in terms of institutionalization and sustainability. Mr. Sumer highlighted that promotion of the team members, who have already assumed material tasks, to new positions, where their contributions to the bank would be much more increased with various accountabilities, is also of critical nature in terms of persistence of the corporate culture.  In respect of the reassignment, Serdar Sumer said; "For the last 5 years, our bank reached a notable level thanks to its achievements in particular at the strategic alliances. It is a point of pride for the Aktif Bank family that the future of the bank will be steered by one of our team members with whom we have laid the foundation of all such achievements.  I believe that while serving at her new position, Aysegul Adaca Ogan will uplift the rising value of the bank much more higher by being braced up with her past experiences".

Adaca Ogan, who has begun her career in the banking industry in 1998, joined the Aktif Bank family in 2015 as the Executive Vice President in charge of Retail and Digital Banking following the experiences she has gained in the fields of retail banking and consume finance at various corporations in Turkey and abroad. Having served as a Member of the Board of Directors at BKT Albania Bank, BKT Kosovo Bank and ALB Telecom Albaina, which are within the organization of Calik Holding, for the last 3 years, Adaca Ogan also held office as the Manager Director of Aktif Bank approximately for a period of 6 months.  Adaca, who has a banking experience of 22 years in total, obtained two separate master's degrees, one of which is for Engineering Management at the Standford University and the other for Business Administration at the Isik University, after having obtained her bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at the Bogazici University. 

During the approximately 6 years period led by Serdar Sumer, Aktif Bank has not only increased the size of its assets by 3.3 times, and its return on equity by 256%, but also boosted the number of its customers over 10 million, on consolidated basis, thanks to many partnerships and ventures it has entered into.