Super League Bubble Keeps On Growing

Aktif Bank, the largest privately owned investment bank in Turkey, released the second issue of EkoLig - Football Economy Report under which the revenues and economic view of Turkish Football were scrutinized.

Providing financial data on Turkish football in comparison with the leading leagues in Europe, the report revealed that Super Lig achieved a growth by 15 percent in the last two seasons in terms of match-day revenues, live broadcasting revenues and commercial revenues. Revenues of Super Lig increased up to 2.3 billion TRY in the football season 2016-2017 from 2 billion TRY achieved during the football season 2015-2016.

Providing substantial contributions to Turkish football with not only its finance but also its knowledge, Aktif Bank held a press conference on Thursday, October 19, 2017 upon attendance of Dr. Serdar Sumer, CEO of Aktif Bank, and  Ceyhun Kazanci, General Manager of Passolig, to publicize the second issue of EkoLig, the most extensive report of Turkey to assess the current status of Turkish football economy. The officials of Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and representatives of many clubs attended the press conference held in Four Seasons Hotel. Under the report presenting the revenues and economic map of Turkish football, it has been established that the economic value of Turkish football reached up to 2.3 billion TRY in the football season 2016-2017. The attendance number increased by 6 percent in Super Lig.

Expressing his opinions about the report, Dr. Serdar Sumer, CEO of Aktif Bank, said that they put EkoLig, drawn-up periodically, at the disposal of the football world as a permanent and enlightening source. Emphasizing that sustainable achievement can only be accomplished through financial discipline and right financial management methods in sports, especially football, Mr. Sumer said: "Within the framework of sports finance we have set as one of our strategic investment fields, we aim to provide permanent finance models and robust infrastructure supports especially to the clubs in football industry. Accordingly, we have released the second issue of EkoLig under which highly important information on the economic structure of the football industry, as well as the areas for improvement are provided. In this process, we would like to help our clubs by providing information support in addition to our financial contribution. Leveraging on our position equipped with the most extensive network and investment potential in sports finance across Turkey, our contributions have reached up to 150 million US Dollars up to now with infrastructure supports and sponsorship events. Additionally, we have allocated more than 2.3 billion TRY to 16 sports clubs through activities we have carried out in the field of sports finance throughout the last 3 years. According to the second issue of EkoLig, Turkish football has maintained its steady growth in terms of revenues.

The value of football economy has reached up to 2.3 billion TRY in Turkey. We see that newly-built stadiums and achievements in football bring along substantial increases in attendance numbers and match-day revenues of clubs."

Ceyhun Kazanci: "Football economy achieved a growth by 15 in the last year."

Sharing the remarkable results of the report with the press members, Ceyhun Kazanci, Passolig General Manager, said: "We are continuing to share the important data, we have currently about the Turkish football, with the industry and public. We saw last year that EkoLig satisfied a substantial need for football economy. This year, we extended this report, and turned it into a report to be referenced to enable the football clubs to follow a right strategy for their financial structures and revenue items.

Mr. Kazanci provided the below-given information about the revenue structure of Turkish football in line with the data covered by the report: "The report suggests that Turkish football economy maintains its growth. Total revenues of Super Lig reached up to 2.3 billion TRY. The Big Four have achieved a total revenue of 3.8 billion TRY, marking a significant increase in comparison with 1.4 billion TRY achieved in the last season.

Generating a revenue of 1 billion TRY in the football season 2016-2017 from the live broadcasting revenues, one of the 3 major revenue items, Super Lig became the 6th biggest league of Europe to generate most broadcasting revenues. Considering the prices under the revised tender for live broadcasting activities, we anticipate to see that live broadcasting revenues of Super Lig will continue at the end of this season."

Besiktas gets ahead in total revenues

According to the report, Besiktas achieved a substantial increase in all its revenue items thanks to the two successive championships. Besiktas completed  the football season 2016-2017 in the top-ranking position both on football fields and financial statements. Increasing their total revenues by 61 percent in comparison with the football season 2015-2016, the Black Eagles boosted their revenues up to 521 million 100 thousand TRY.

Trabzonspor doubles up its revenue upon commissioning of the new stadium

Trabzonspor achieved a considerable amount of increase in its match-day revenues upon commissioning of Senol Gunes Sports Complex Medical Park Stadium. Earning 3.1 million TRY throughout the season 2015-2016, Trabzonspor increased its match-day revenues to 18.7 million TRY in the football season 2016-2017. Trabzonspor achieved a revenue of 147 million 700 thousand TRY with an increase by 81 percent in its total revenues as of the end of the season, and became the club which increased its revenues most not only among the Big Four but also across the entire league.

Medipol Basaksehir FC writes a legendary success story

Completing Super Lig in the second-ranking position in the football season 2016-2017, Medipol Basaksehir achieved an increase by 41.6 percent in live broadcasting and match-day revenues. Medipol Basaksehir became the football club which earned most following the Big Three, in terms of live broadcasting revenues. Increasing its average attendance number to 3 thousand 271 from 2 thousand 285, marking an increase by 43 percent in its attendance number, Medipol Basaksehir put its signature under the legendary success story of the League.