Support for environmentally-friendly vehicles by N Kolay

N Kolay, the digital bank of Aktif Bank, joins forces with Xev Yoyo, the electric vehicle giant

N Kolay, the digital bank of Aktif Bank, which is the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, enters into an outstanding cooperation for environmental sustainability. N Kolay will support environmentally-friendly electric vehicles thanks to the loan facility agreement it has executed. As per the agreement, executed by and between XEV Yoyo, world's leading electric vehicle giant that has recently stepped into the Turkish market, and N Kolay, customers will now be able to buy environmentally-friendly electric XEV Yoyo vehicles easily under affordable conditions thanks to the loan application process that can be completed only in a few minutes.

“We are investing in the future of our planet”

Addressing that electric vehicles have rapidly entered into our life and that they will become even more important in the future for being environmentally-friendly, Pinar Yilmaz, Aktif Bank's Retail Banking Managing Director, said; “We are so happy that we consolidate our experience in vehicle loans through an innovative and visionary agreement as part of our sustainability policies. We support environmentally-friendly electric transportation vehicles, such as the XEV Yoyo, which makes city life easier, while, as a bank, investing in the future of our planet.”

“Together, we advance sustainable mobility”

Expressing his happiness and pride for the union of forces with Aktif Bank, Baha Tuzer, the distributor of XEV in Turkey, said; “In this journey we have set off to shape the future of sustainable mobility, our primary aim for the future of the world is to produce environmentally friendly, technological and affordable vehicles and to bring our products together with a wide consumer base. Thanks to the cooperation with Aktif Bank, our esteemed business partner that has set out with XEV Yoyo and shares our vision in this journey, we are fully-assured that we will take firm steps towards our common goals and rapidly advance the world of mobility through the upcoming projects and breakthroughs.”