Surged Interest In Football In The Capital City

As we are leaving the 17th week of 2017-2018 football season behind, the attendance at stadiums has increased following the new teams promoted to Super League, transfers of star players and enhanced quality of matches. The attendance has increased by 44 percent in Super League, and 13 percent in TFF League 1, as compared to that of the first 17 weeks of the last season. As understood from the positive change in the attendance, the number of fans holding the Passolig Card has exceeded 3.4 million. 

Mr. Ceyhun Kazancı, General Manager of Passolig, convened with the press members of Ankara at a meeting participated by the executives of MKE Ankaragücü. Mr. Kazancı said: "While the total attendance was reported as 359 thousand 619 during the first 17 weeks of 2016-2017 football season in TFF League 1, the attendance has reached to 404 thousand 836 during the course of the first 17 weeks in this season. MKE Ankaragücü, remarked with the support of its fans at the tribunes, had also a significant contribution in such increase at the attendance by 13 percent."

Stating that the support of fans not only has a positive effect on the level of morale and motivation of the teams on the field, but also increases the match-day revenues of the clubs considerably, Mr. Kazancı continued his words: "Completing the first half of the season at the top-ranking position in the first year when it has returned to TFF League 1, MKE Ankaragücü draws attention both with its successes achieved in the matches and the support of its fans."

Pointing out that Osmanlıspor holds the leading position with 23 thousand 829 fans in the ranking of the number of fans holding the Passolig Card among the teams of Ankara, Mr. Ceyhun Kazancı said that Osmanlıspor is followed by MKE Ankaragücü with 17 thousand 967 fans, and Gençlerbirliği with 16 thousand 4 fans. Mr. Kazancı also mentioned about the breakdown of the football fans, who hold the Passolig Card and support the clubs of Ankara, by districts, and said: "Fans of Genclerbirligi, MKE Ankaragücü and Osmanlıspor hold the top-ranking positions in the number of fans holding the Passolig Card in the districts of Çankaya, Keçiören and Sincan, respectively."

Approximately 100 Thousand People Came to The Stadiums to Watch The Matches Live

Indicating that Osmanli Stadium and Ankara 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara hosted approximately 100 thousand football fans during the first 17 weeks of the season, Mr. Ceyhun Kazancı continued his words: "While approximately 65 thousand football fans went to the stadiums for the matches hosted by Gençlerbirliği and Osmanlıspor clubs during the first 17 weeks of 2016-2017 football season, the attendance has almost reached up to 100 thousand with an increase by 53 percent this season following the promotion of MKE Ankaragücü to TFF League 1"

MKE Ankaragücü Aims for The Top-Ranking Position in Both The League and The Attendance

MKE Ankaragücü, which has qualified for the TFF League after ranking the first in the red group of TFF League 2 during 2016-2017 football season, has uplifted the number of its fans, holding the Passolig Card, to 17 thousand 967 within the period of 5 months following its involvement in the e-ticket system, and it has outdistanced many teams at the TFF League 1 in the "Passolig Card League".

Almost tripling the average attendance at TFF League 1, (2 thousand 646) with its average attendance of 7 thousand 109 in home matches, it became the sports club having the highest attendance in TFF League 1 following Eskişehirspor. 8 home league matches of MKE Ankaragücü were watched by the football fans, holding the Passolig Card with 41 different logos, throughout the first half of the season. The fans of Genclerbirligi holding the Passolig Card held the highest percentage among these fans.

While the Passolig Card with the logo of MKE Ankaragücü was purchased from many provinces across Turkey, the provinces which sold the highest number of the Passolig Card except for Ankara were Istanbul, Izmir and Konya, respectively.​