Turkey and Europe’s First City Card From E-Kent. August 2010

New generation banking pioneer Aktif Bank’s subsidiary E-Kent continues innovations with “City Cards” concept. Turkey and Europe’s first city card; ‘Aktif38’ is launched in Kayseri.

New generation banking pioneer Aktif Bank’s subsidiary E-Kent continues innovations with “City Cards” concept. Turkey and Europe’s first city card; ‘Aktif38’ is launched in Kayseri.

Aktif Bank, the first and only “Direct Bank” of Turkey, introduced a new banking approach by using the latest technology and considering the rapid changing customer needs, its subsidiary company E-kent has launched Aktif38 in Kayseri. Aktif38 is a pre-paid program running on a dual interface chip, supports public transport, shopping, parking, identification and event ticketing, etc. Individually customized card also provides special discount and bonus/loyalty points.

Aktif Bank General Manager Dr. Önder Halisdemir stated that they are glad to launch Turkey and Europe’s first city card and added; “As Aktif Bank we keep releasing pioneer product and services. Kayseri is the first city meeting our city card which we believe that will ease the city life and will be indispensable. We are going to spread city card solution in cities that our subsidiary company E-Kent provides transportation systems. We will keep working to spread our product to all the country which is a no-debt, easy and convenient pre-paid card”

No Debt, Interest or Delinquency

Aktif38 takes away the necessity of carrying cash and prevents customers from any debts. There is no interest and it saves time with its contactless feature.

From Local Market Place to Hairdresser; from Bus to Pharmacy

Aktif38 which is launched first in Kayseri will be available in market places, groceries, pharmacies, bakeries, transportation, supermarkets and much more. In addition to loyalty point facility in contracted merchants, Aktif38 acts as a personal assistant in emergency situations. Residents of Kayseri will be able to contact Aktif38 Call Center in order to get assistance services such as water and electricity installations, lock change, broken window and emergency medical needs.

Aktif38 has a wide range of application channels like web, SMS, internet banking, call center, IVR, self service terminals, ticket sales booths and selected merchants. Anyone is entitled to get the card regardless of any credit history, age, profession checks, etc. Simply, everyone can get it.

How it works

Aktif38 runs with a dual interface card application. It is used for transportation, retail, parking, event ticketing and 1 global and up to 9 individual loyalty schemes. There is also extra memory reserved for future use. Both contact and contactless interface is supported along with many security parameters for restricting the usage in certain categories and for forcing contact transactions secured with offline PIN.


Campaigns are one of the most attractive opportunities of Aktif38 for the customers. Aktif38 provides both online and offline campaign model, even for contactless transactions. Aktif38 supports campaign contributions for up to 4 institutions such as transport operator, retail stores, municipality and banks. Aktif38 provides campaign management over offline POS terminals easing customer’s use.

International Nominations

Aktif38 is nominated as an official candidate for the most prestigious card business award in the world, the Sesames. Sesames Awards will be given for the 15th time this year, at the “Cartes & Identification” exposium in Paris, France at 6 December 2010. Aktif38 will be competing in Software, Transportation and Banking/Retail/Loyalty categories against major players of the market.