Two awards for Aktif Bank from Global Banking and Finance Review

Global Banking and Finance Review, one of the most prestigious publications in the business world, has given two awards to Aktif Bank.


Global Banking and Finance Review, one of the most prestigious publications in the business world, has given two awards to Aktif Bank. As a reflection of its new generation banking approach, Aktif Bank proved its success one more time in international arena  by getting the “Most Innovative Investment Bank in Turkey”and “Best Structured Finance Provider in Turkey”” awards.

Aktif Bank, inventor of new generation banking in Turkey, has been given awards in two categories by Global Banking and Finance Review, a leading economics publication of the world. Getting “Most Innovative Investment Bank” and “Best Structured Finance Provider” awards, Aktif Bank registered its success in international arena one more time.

“We’re continuously developing our innovative stance”

Talking about Global Banking and Finance Review awards, for which best-in-their-sector players compete with each other, Dr. Önder Halisdemir, Aktif Bank General Manager, said: “We, as Aktif Bank, blended our unique infrastructure, enterprising business handling and innovative character with our “new generation banking” philosophy. Through this business model developed by ourselves, we aim to go beyond our limits doing what is not-yet-done. These awards are simply a confirmation of our commitment to keep up this innovative approach.”

Aktif Bank gets awards one after the other in 2012

Aktif Bank crowned its success getting 19 awards, of which 17 are of international character, in 2012.

The Bank won “Best Enterprise” award at Europe Business Assembly contest, while Dr. Önder Halisdemir, General Manager of Aktif Bank, getting “Manager of the Year”. Getting “International Quality Platinum Award” at “International Arch of Europe for Quality” contest organized by Business Initiative Directions (BID), Aktif Bank also succeeded in Paybefore EUROPE Contest getting award in “Best Innovative Prepaid Solution” category. Thereafter, Aktif Bank earned two awards at Paybefore USA Contest in “Best Prepaid Youth/Student/Campus Program” and “Best Consumer Value in Prepaid Solutions” categories. Dr. Önder Halisdemir has been given the “Leader of the Year” award by Payment System Magazine, while UPT, which is Turkey’s most widespread, cheapest and fastest money transfer system, becoming the winner in “Payment System of the Year”.

The Bank earned totally 5 awards with its 2011 Annual Report, with a “Book of Secrets” theme, at Arc Awards organized by US-based Mercomm, considered to be the Oscars of annual reports, in “International Banks” category. The Book of Secrets also came World’s 2nd best at “League of American Communication Professionals (LACP)”, while getting “Gold Award” at “Hermes Creative” and “Best Online Annual Reports” and “Best Printed Annual Reports” awards at the Stevies - International Business Awards”.