How we manage HR

​​​Our main goal as Human Resources is to develop applications to increase the value of human resources with the awareness that human resources is the most valuable resources; to create business environment which is suitable for our employees to develop themselves without discrimination, to reveal their abilities and where outstanding performance is rewarded.

Our Recruitment Policy
Suitable candidates are provided for the open positions in our bank by using internal or external resources. The candidates go through a gradual evaluation process including the tests used to evaluate the abilities of the candidates and sector interviews.
Our main goal in Bank recruitment process is to create a dynamic staff with following features and to provide our domestic and foreign customers with fastest and highest quality service with a team having these features.


Open to learning, change and self-improvement,
Innovative - Creative,
With high in communication and representation skills
Prone to team work,​
Being aware of business ethics and his/her social responsibilities and sensitive to environment,

Inexperienced Recruitment:
The candidates newly graduated from universities and inexperienced in banking sector are evaluated within the needs of our bank’s branches or General Directorate’s units. Foreign language and general ability tests are applied to the candidates that will participate to these positions. Then, the interviewed candidates are placed in suitable divisions according to the needs of the bank and the features of the candidate. Basic qualities sought in inexperienced candidates are listed below.

Not exceeding 28 years old,
Having university degree,​
For male candidates, having completed military service or postponed for at least one years.


Experienced Recruitment:
The recruitment for experienced employees is performed in line with our bank’s needs and as a result of interviews with expert professionals. ​​

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