Pricing Policy and Rights

​​​Pricing Policy

Gross salaries are paid on the last working day of each month.

The objective evaluation of the positions in our bank within the criteria determined by business valuation methodology valid internationally and the determination of the size of the business are essential. The works performed have been graded according to the degree of their contribution to the organization and the knowledge that our employees need to have, problem-solving skills and the degree of responsibility.

Within the scope of pricing policy system applied in our bank, price increase is performed in April every year according to the employees’ positions by considering salary levels, performance results, the inflation rate and market rates and increase rates.

Private Health Insurance

All our employees together with their children and spouses that don't have private health insurance are provided with private health insurance including dental and eye assurance.

Food and Transportation Opportunity

The meal ticket is given monthly to our employees. 

Transportation to our headquarter and main branch are provided with transportation fee.

Holiday Rights

Annual paid leave for the employees are as follows:

·      The employees with 1-5 years term of office (including 5 years)                                       14  days

·      The employees with more than 5 years and less than 15 years term of office            20 days

·      The employees with more than 15 years term of office                                                        26 days