What is lump sum payment system? 

It is the system which enables you to make your marketing payments (EFT, transfer, bank transfer) automatically and instantly. You can make your payments instantly by transmitting the file including your orders electronically or via online service to our Bank by using this system.

Who can benefit from the lump sum payment system? 

All the companies which make their payments collectively via this system 

What are the advantages of lump sum payment system?

Your payments are made in an instant and secure way electronically.

You can make any number of payments in any time of the day.

You save on time for your payments.

Your accounting process is made easier by transfer of your payment information automatically to the accounting system provided that you prepare the technical infrastructure.

Your operational working load and expenses decrease.

You can monitor whether your payments are made or not and you can display the result file.

The information about making the payment and the payment details are sent to your customers via e-mail and/or SMS and by this way, your telephone traffic decreases.

PTT can make the referenced payment of the names to any person who is not the customer of any bank ​​​​​​​​such as commitment and constructional company.​