• Consumer Loan with Invoice
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Passo Installment is an Online Consumer Financing Modelwhich we offer to our contracted shopswhich are the leading brands of Turkey.It provides service in many sectors ranging from white goods to furniture, from natural gas facility to medical beds.

With Passo i​nstallment;

-You can use your credit from our contracted shops in the amount between 500 TL and 30.000 TL.

-You can make your credit repayment without any delay interest in maturities to 36 months.*

You just need to apply to our contracted shops with your birth certificate in order to derive benefit from Passo Installment privileges. We immediately evaluate your application and you can get your product by signing your contracts. **

You can pay your installments;

-through Aktif Bank Internet Banking or through EFT from all the banks,​

-from PTT branches, all branches of Vakıfbank as free of charge,

​*Maturity options differ from based on the campaigns.

**Additional documents can be requested if necessary.

Loan Calculator

Total Loan TL
500 40.000
3 36

Interest Rate

Installment Amount TL
Loan Allocation Fee TL

Loan Cost Table

Loan Amount Loan Term (Months) Interest Rate*** Monthly Installment Amount The Loan Allocation Fee Annual Total Cost Rate
10.000 TL 12 1,39% 926,42 TL 52,50 TL 23,19%
10.000 TL 24 1,39% 509,04 TL 52,50 TL 22,62%
10.000 TL 36 1,39% 386,56 TL 52,50 TL 22,42%

***The Interest rate may vary according to campaign​