Private Banking

  • About Private Banking

​​​As Aktif Bank Private Banking, our principle is the service special for you and your high satisfaction. Our expert staff is in the effort of providing the fastest and qualified service by showing the greatest performance.

We aim to provide a long-term and fiduciary relationship by considering the financial goals, investment preference and risk perceptions of our customers.

In addition to being easily and instantly accessible, we are in the effort of contributing to the time management of our customers by visiting them on site as they wish.

It takes of following the innovations and market conditions closely and creating value as principle by carrying the service quality and range of product to the higher standards while questioning the advantages of being a customer of an Investment Bank in favor of the customer.  

Our Investment Products​

Aktif Bond:

Aktif Bond which we start to export in 2009 and has the feature of top-grossing bank bond, is a product that enables its investors to obtain high income in longer-terms beginning from 30 days.

VDMK (Asset Backed Securities):

We provide our clients since 2011 with an investment opportunity in high-yielding structured instruments with a AAA rating score. We have issued to date ABS worth TRY 2.1 billion in 9 issuances where 5 of those issuances have been fully redeemed. Additionally, we have completed the first ABS issuance backed by dealer loans in 2016. ​


We realized 3 Lease Certificate exports of the Istanbul Finance Center Project wit​h one-year maturity in 2013 by using the Lease Certificate export for the first time in Turkey with the aim of Project financing.

Funded Aktif Bond:

It is the product that provides the 0.25% additional yield advantage in the Aktif Bond for those who want to diversify their portfolios, evaluate their 20% of the investment amount with the investment fund.

Fixed Coupon Payment Bond

It is the product that provides 0.25% additional yield advantage over the Aktif Bond yield special for those who want to evaluate their capital for long-term.

Bond with Graduated Interest (AFAB)

AFAB is a kind of product that acts with the deposit rate in the market during the contract term and that protects our customers in interest rising. Our customers impose a certain rate of Aktif Bond on the first transaction day and their Average Deposit Level (KYD Deposit Index) is controlled on the first working day of each month following it. If the average deposit levels are higher than the previous month, all this rise or certain part of it is added to the Aktif Bond interest of our customer and they start to evaluate their investments with higher interest.