• Public Opinion Announcement about the E-Mail Messages Aiming Fraud by the Banks Association of Turkey

    It is appropriate to make the following explanation to the public opinion as the e-mail messages which include the logos and names of the bank, card and other financing institutions are sent to the bank customers with the aim of fraud recently.

    No bank demands the customer information via e-mail (electronic mail) under no circumstances.

    In the e-mail messages with the aim of fraud, the confidential customer information such as personal information, credit card information and internet / telephone banking passwords etc. are demanded.

    For not experiencing the potential fraud activities, it is important not to click on the links in those kinds of fake e-mails, not to fill in the demanded information and to contact your bank as soon as possible.

    It is suggested to read and apply the security explanations about the issue on the internet sites of the banks carefully.

    Respectfully submitted. 
    The Banks Association of Turkey​​

  • Fraud Warning Issued by the Governorship of Istanbul

    Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs states that a questionnaire form is made and sent to our citizens’ addresses with a title on “Ankara Centered Population Registry Administration System (MERNIS) and the Tax Number System is connected together from 2006”which is submitted to the Ministry of Interior, and on the form it is written that they will fill in the personal information and will sent it on 01.06.2006 at latest to the address of Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü İsmet İnönü Bulvarı No:102/54 Ulus ANKARA PK: 409/03 but they state that there are no studies of Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs about these kinds of issues within the MERNIS Project and also there are not any questionnaire form arranged for this issue.
    Respectfully submitted to the public opinion.
    Provincial Press and Public Relations Directorate
    Phone: (0212) 528 39 32 Fax: (0212) 526 08 81
    Bulletin no: 16

  • Public Opinion Announcement about the E-Mail Messages Aiming Fraud by the Banks Association of Turkey

    An extremely dangerous virus (a kind of torpig) has been detected recently to obtain the confidential information of the internet banking users such as user code, code and password, security question etc. The information of the customers is obtained by this virus passed on the computers of the bank customers used for entering the internet banking. It is important to consider the following issues in order not to be affected by this kind of virus:

    If there is appearance or statement on the transaction page different from the previous connections during the online transactions, no transactions are made and you should communicate with the bank.
    No entrance should be made on the unsafe internet sites and no files are downloaded from these kinds of sites.

    E-mails from the unknown addresses should not be opened and be deleted; precautions should be taken to prevent these e-mails. Security updates of the softwares used in the computers shall definitely be downloaded.

    Anti-virus software should be used and updated regularly. Personal security walls (firewall) should be used. The software of “Anti-spyware” should be used against the spywares spreads in the computers to obtain personal information. As an internet banking user, you are suggested to read the security explanations on the internet site of your bank to provide your passwords and computer security.
    Brought to the public attention.
    Best Regards,
    The Banks Association of Turkey

  • Public Opinion Announcement about the Single-Use Password Applications in Entering into the Internet Banking by the Banks Association of Turkey

    The applications on the “internet banking” service that provide access facility to the banking services whenever and wherever the user wants are monitored by the Working Team acting within the Banks Association of Turkey. The Working Team evaluates the issues such as setting the standards in applications, complying with the arrangements, becoming easy and extending the usage by considering the developments in technology and innovations in information systems. Two-component identity proof application becomes compulsory since 1 January 2010 with the aim of improving security in the internet banking entrance transactions of the banks serving internet banking according to the “Notification Related to the Principles Taken as a Basis on Information Systems Management” issued on 14 September 2007 and Official Gazette no 26643 by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Within this framework, the applications of “Single-Use Password”, which are one of the options provided by the Notification and are still used in the internet banking transactions, are started to be used also in the internet banking entrance process since 1 January 2010. For this reason, the customers that have not used “Single-Use Password” in the internet banking yet, are suggested to follow the statement and information about benefiting from the “Single-Use Password” product and services by the banks that they get service.
    Brought to the public attention.
    Best regards
    The Banks Association of Turkey