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Aktif Bank will not share the information of its customers with any third parties, agencies or institutes without the consent of its customers or unless it has a legal obligation.

Aktif Bank can disclose this information, when necessary, within the framework of authorizations and legal regulations granted to itself. When governmental bodies and authorities, which Aktif Bank is subject to, request the disclosure of customer information, Aktif Bank will disclose this information only within the required framework.

Although the information which is displayed on Aktif Bank internet page is updated, we would like to declare that our Bank is not responsible from any kind of damages arising out of misinformation, deficiencies and delays.  

Our Bank is not responsible from direct or indirect financial or intangible damages which may arise out of any errors, interruptions and delays in information transfer because of potential line and / or system failures as well as the problems of computer viruses or other reasons.

It’s not guaranteed that the content, quality and service quality of the sites, which are directed to the internet sites and services of the third parties through Aktif Bank internet site, as well as the information and data which are available on these sites are accurate, valid and unchangeable. Our Bank has no responsibility in terms of this information and data. All the responsibility and risk in these sites belong to the user.

Aktif Bank reserves its right of changing all the information, service and products without notifying any natural entity and legal entity in advance.

Aktif Bank is the 15 minutes delayed sub-recipient of Istanbul Stock Exchange. Name and logo of Istanbul Stock Exchange are preserved under " Brand Protection Certificate” and cannot be used, quoted or changed without permission. All the copyrights of the information disclosed under the name of Istanbul Stock Exchange completely belong to Istanbul Stock Exchange and cannot be published again. Analyses and graphics are published by Aktif Bank and data is provided by Matriks Information Distribution Services Inc. All kinds of tables and graphics regarding domestic and foreign markets which are available on internet site have been supplied from third party companies which provide service in these subjects and prepared by Aktif Bank generally for briefing purposes, without affording any financial interest. Investors bear the full responsibility of any decision of purchasing / sale order made in accordance with the data and information published on these pages; data don’t create a proposal or individual investment suggestion by any means. Istanbul Stock Exchange provides equity data, foreign exchange rates and the news in free market with a delay of 15 minutes as well as the parity information and other data. Our Bank bears no responsibility in terms of direct or indirect damages and lost profits as well as any delays, disorders or mistakes in this data which may arise out of the usage of this information. So, Aktif Bank cannot be held responsible from any direct or indirect damages, losses, expenses or any damages and expenses of the third parties by any means which may arise out of the mistakes and deficiencies in the tables and graphics, which indicate domestic and foreign market information, and in data displayed on this internet site or any transactions which are carried out in accordance with this data.

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