​​ Untitled DocumentAktif Bank follows the newest security precautions and applies the most efficient security solutions for you to secure your financial transaction on Aktif Bank Internet Branch and your personal information.

User Code: It’s the private number for Aktif Bank customers.
Password: It’s firstly provided by the bank and then designated by you when you access internet branch for the first time; it should consist 6 figures.
SMS Security Password: You need to enter SMS Security Password which is sent to your registered mobile phone when you want to access Aktif Bank Internet Branch. A different password will be sent each time you want to try to access. If you cannot receive the password on your phone, please check the message memory and coverage area of your telephone and then request a password again. For security purposes, this password structure can be used in the transactions designated by the bank when necessary.
You need to enter the following three items of information correctly in order to carry out a transaction in Aktif Bank Internet Branch.
Security Image:  After you enter your password for the first time, you will see 4 different images from 6 different categories and you will be asked to choose one of them as your security image in order to avoid the potential Phishing intrusions​. After this, the same image must appear after you enter your password whenever you try to access. This application has been developed in order to prevent you from carrying out any transaction on fake web sites. If you cannot see your security image or see a different security image, please call 444 30 50 Aktif Bank Contact Center immediately without carrying out any transaction.
Virtual Keyboard: It’s an application which is developed against key-logger programs which record the keystrokes on your computer. You can access Internet branch by using your mouse on your screen without using the keys on your computer’s keyboard.
Transaction Limitation: If you use Internet Banking for specific transactions, you can disable any or all of the transactions which you don’t use by using “Transaction Limitation” tab in Internet Banking.
Identification of a Transfer Limit: You can identify daily or instant transaction limits for remittance and EFT transactions by using “Identification of a Transfer Limit” tab in Internet Banking.
Account Limitation: You can block the usage of any account which you don’t want to use or screen by using “Account Limitation” tab in Internet Banking.
Customer Number: Customer number of the companies registered in our bank.
Single User Company: It’s a kind of company which can carry out transactions with a single user, without any necessity of approval in Corporate Internet Banking.
Single Approval Company: It’s a kind of company in which one user “logs in” and a different user gives “Approval” in Corporate Internet Banking.
Pre-Approval + Single User Approval Company: It’s a kind of company in which one user “logs in”, another user gives “Pre-Approval” and the final user gives “Final Approval” in Corporate Internet Banking.
Pre-Approval + 2 Users Approval Company: It’s a kind of company in which one user “logs in”, another user gives “Pre-Approval” and two final users give “Final Approval” in Corporate Internet Banking.
Daily Transaction Limit of the Company: It indicates the maximum transaction limit of the company users within a day in Corporate Internet Banking. Limitations which are determined on the basis of users and Daily Transaction Limit of the Company cannot exceed the top limits of our bank; and also top limits specified by our Bank will be applied unless any other limitation is indicated.
Account Number to be Limited: It indicates the accounts which the company does not want to screen on the basis of user in Corporate Internet Banking. As different from Transaction Limitation, (Authorized / Unauthorized)it enables limitation on the basis of account number.
Session Timeout: For security purposes, our systems will automatically end your session if you forget to log out from the session after you complete your online banking transactions or don’t carry out any transaction on your computer for a specific period of time during a session.
Reminder Messages: For your transactions which you designate, a message will be sent to confirm that your designated transaction has been fulfilled through SMS or e-mail.
Password Blocking: When there is a specific number of login failure trials on Internet Banking, access to your bank account is cancelled. You can call 444 30 50 Aktif Bank Contact Center in order to re-activate your account.
All your information which you enter in Aktif Bank Internet Banking is automatically encrypted before it is sent through SSL protocol and can only be deciphered by the correct receiver. So, a bilateral verification is carried out and also the privacy and integrity of information are maintained.
Records of the activities carried out by the customers through electronic banking channels are kept by Aktif Bank in accordance with the laws and security policies of our bank.
Passwords are seen as star marks on the computer screen to prevent anyone from seeing the passwords of our customers while they carry out their transactions.